Book Tasting Day!

Today was our first Book Tasting Day of the year. Students in second grade enjoyed sampling books organized by featured artists: Laura Numeroff, Jan Brett, Eric Carle, Cynthia Rylant, Mo Williems and Tedd Arnold. We have been talking about what a “Book Tasting” is for several weeks. Today students learned a little more about how this book tasting was organized. Then they had about 40 minutes to peruse the featured author tables and record their samplings in their Book Tasting Journal. Afterwards we enjoyed a hot cocoa and cookie treat – cafe style! Thanks to ALL of our parents for food, hot cocoa, plates, cups and cookies donations as well as our parent helpers who set up! Happy holidays!

Peppermint Day

Today students in second grade enjoyed many activities centered around peppermint.  First we read a non-fiction article about peppermint and the history behind how the peppermint candies started. We completed a peppermint candy experiment where we tested how fast peppermints could be dissolved in water, 7Up and vinegar.  We watched a short video on how candy canes are made, sorted fact and opinion statements regarding peppermint, and made peppermint candy patterns. Oh, and we enjoyed a few pieces of peppermint candies throughout the day.

Place Value Oldies But Goodies

Students have been practicing place value through 1,000 for the past two weeks. Last week we got out the oldie but goodies!  These are still two great ways to practice place value.  Below we used a folded sentence strip to write a standard number that then turned into an expanded number!  Also, below is a system of number stackers to build numbers in such a way that students may see the value of each digit!

Book Tasting – DEC 20th!

We will be having our first book tasting this December 20th.  A book tasting is when we take some time to read a small sample of new books.  On December 20th, we will be sampling several authors books.  Students will read just a small bit of each author or a “taste” and record what they like and do not like in a journal.  Then we will relax and enjoy a small cookie and hot cocoa treat – cafe style!

Please consider donating items for this day!

Chapter 3 Review Stations

Instead of a boring old worksheet, students worked in partners once again to practice their math skills learned in the current chapter.  Each basket contained a question much like what would be on a worksheet or test.  Manipulatives were provided for students to use to complete the problem.  After several problems, students checked in their work with the teacher for feedback on their progress. A fun way to practice math and move around!