What to do?

Dear Second Grade Friends/Parents-
Many are wondering what to do during the days off of school. While we are not assigning any work at this time, please feel free to check out the new Academic Links section to the right on this blog.

Most importantly, KEEP reading, reading, reading! Please read to your child, with your child, and have them read to you. There is a variety of things to read in your own home – literature, menus, cereal boxes, recipes, and directions to board games.

For math, practice telling time using their self-made analog clock which was brought home last week. Students can practice counting money and doing two and three digit addition and subtraction problems. Remember math is everywhere! Have your child help you cook or bake or play board games!

Other great activities include puzzles, tying your shoes, making a game, and writing journals or short stories!

And of course, remember, PLAY is the absolute best!

Stay Safe & Healthy! Miss you all!
Mrs. Garpstas

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