April 30 News

Rise and shine second grade!

It’s the last day of April! Can you believe it?

REMINDER: Don’t forget to send me any remaining school work for this week’s work list. I have already received MANY amazing pieces of your work. You are doing such a great job! Keep it up!

TONIGHT: GOOGLE MEET with 2-Garpstas – at 6PM. Bring a joke or two to share! Have it ready to read! Make sure it is school appropriate! Here is the link: https://meet.google.com/jqa-uzaz-tug

Today’s read aloud is a short one. It is called The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle. Click HERE for the story. Afterwards if you are looking to create something imaginative and maybe even a little crazy . . . try to combine three or more of your favorite animals and mix them up like the chameleon in this story. Send me a picture of your work and write in a sentence about your creation! Enjoy!

April 29 News

Good morning 2G! Happy Wednesday!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s BRILLIANT, AMAZING weather! Late in the afternoon I worked in my garden. I have started LOTS of seeds in some greenhouses I made out of plastic containers. It was so sunny yesterday, I could take the greenhouse tops off! I have SO many sprouts and some are ready to be transplanted to the garden. I have many different vegetables to grow this year. I am so excited. See my sprouts below!

Today’s read aloud is quite fitting then! It is called In the Garden with Dr. Carver by Susan Grigsby. And guess, what? It is all about George Washington Carver. Do you remember reading about him this year? Listen and watch the read aloud HERE.

SEE YOU TOMORROW AT OUR NEXT GOOGLE MEET: Thursday, April 30th at 6PM. Bring a joke or two to share! Have it ready to read! Make sure it is school appropriate! Here is the link: https://meet.google.com/jqa-uzaz-tug

April 28 News

How are you feeling these days? Cooped up? Tired of looking at a screen?Do you need to get outdoors? I do!

Yesterday afternoon I took my fur babies for a walk through the woods on a trail. The fresh air was exactly what I needed! I instantly felt better. I could hear the trees bumping together as the wind pushed them back and forth. The birds were chirping loudly and squirrels and bunnies were running back and forth enjoying their little wilderness. Then I noticed the tiny leaf buds on the trees.

There were SO many different trees all around me. I got to thinking how the trees are homes to so many different animal creatures. But I could not stop thinking about how our land in this part of the world used to be completely wooded – ALL FOREST! How beautiful it must have been. How different life must have been! Can you imagine?

So here’s a book dedicated to the trees! Be a Friend to the Trees by Patricia Lauber and illustrated by Holly Keller. Click HERE for the read aloud.

SCHOOL WORK REMINDER: Please contact me by email if you need any assistance with your child’s daily school work. I am here to help!

OUTSIDE WORK: Remember to get outside as much as possible! Run. Climb. Jump. Build. Imagine. Create. PLAY!

April 27 News

This week you will continue practicing time in math. In reading you will move on to learning about cause and effect events, new spelling words and prefixes. Below is the AM/PM graphic aid we used in our classroom to help us. Please use this if it helps you rather than the one listed on the worklist.

In keeping with our Earth Day is everyday theme last week, I have a Jane Goodall read aloud for you today. I did a read aloud last week entitled Watching In the Wild about what Jane learned. Jane Goodall studied chimpanzees in the wild many years ago. She is a brilliant scientist and environmentalist! This book is entitled Through Jane’s Eyes. It was written by Fourth graders in New York! Click HERE for the read aloud.

And here are some websites from our friend Rocco. He was learning about Jane Goodall on his own last week!

  1. nature.disney.com
  2. http://disneyatwork.com/2016/04/walt-disney-jane-goodall/

NEXT GOOGLE MEET: This Thursday, April 30th at 6PM. Bring a joke to share! Have it ready to read! Make sure it is school appropriate! Here is the link: https://meet.google.com/jqa-uzaz-tug

April 24 News

Good morning! It was FANTASTIC to see you last night! Thanks for sharing all your great books! I am THRILLED to see that you are reading so much!!

Well, Earth Day, to me, should be every single day! So today I will continue with some more environmental info! And since we are going to work on CAUSE -> EFFECT next week this is another book which shows how one event causes another event which causes another event.

Today is . . . . .POLAR BEAR DAY!

Here are the facts:

Our Earth is becoming warmer. Since 2001 scientists report we have had the warmest 15 years on record.

Earth’s health relies on a very delicate balance of temperature. Humans have created many different bad habits that are putting our Earth into an UNbalanced state. When the Earth’s climate is UNbalanced we begin to see terrible changes in plant and animal life. And these ultimately DO effect us!

With higher temperatures the sea ice in the Arctic is melting and causing the sea level to rise. The rising sea levels drown islands and flood coastlines. The loss of ice and rising sea levels are drowning polar bears and hurting the seal habitats. But the cause ->effect continues.

If no or less snow falls, other animals such as hares and lemmings are now more likely to be killed and their population will decline. If that happens, then the wolves and foxes that eat those animals may begin to starve.

If there is more sun and higher temperatures the plants that grow in the Arctic would be effected and the herbivore animals that live there such as caribou would be greatly effected.

AND if the temperatures in the Arctic rises the Arctic mosquito population would rise terribly causing a great disturbance with all animal life including humans! (They say those mosquitoes are horrible blood suckers! AHH!)

There are SO many things you can do everyday to protect our environment which greatly affect the polar bears:

  1. Burn less fossil fuels – be more mindful of how much gasoline you use.
  2. Use less energy in your home! Turn off lights and unplug items not being used.
  3. REDUCE – Use less so you have less to throw in the garbage.
  4. REUSE anything you can so it does go into the trash.
  5. RECYCLE your trash and purchase products with less packaging!
  6. Buy local – So purchase foods that have been produced closer to home.
  7. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat. Fruits and veggies require far less gallons of water to produce and create far less pollution in our air and water.
  8. Plant more trees!

Here is today’s read aloud: If Polar Bears Disappeared by Lily Williams. Click HERE.

Polar Bear links:

Polar Bears and How to Save Them

Polar Bears

Polar Bears for Kids

Polar Bears National Geographic

April 23 News

EARTH DAY CONTINUES . . . Today is SHARK DAY! Protecting the environment is MUCH more than picking up trash, turning off lights and planting a tree (although you know I LOVE the idea of reforestation!!).

Did you know sharks are at a HUGE risk of becoming extinct?

Here are the facts:

  1. About 100 million sharks are killed every year. Most of them are used to make shark fin soup which is a Chinese or Vietnamese delicacy. But the fins actually have no taste or nutritional value.
  2. Sharks are also killed for their teeth, jaws, liver, skin, and cartilage. These items are used in skin lotions, make-up, and leather goods.
  3. Sometimes sharks are killed because of fisherman killing with methods that catch huge amounts of fish which also catch sharks.
  4. Some people even kill sharks thinking this will keep humans safer when swimming in the ocean.

What can you do?

  1. Don’t purchase products containing shark in any form. When you do, you only support more sharks being killed.
  2. Buy only fish that were caught using sustainable fishing practices where not too many fish were caught at one time.
  3. Get active in supporting companies or places that protect sharks and all marine life.

Today I am reading a book entitled If Sharks Disappeared by Lily Williams. This book takes a close look at the CAUSE and EFFECT of sharks disappearing in our oceans! Losing sharks is a huge threat to our environmental health! Click HERE.

Reminder : Our 2G class meeting is tonight at 6PM! Bring a book that you have read to share. Be ready to show us, tell us the title and tell us ONE sentence about your book! Can’t wait to see you! Click on the word MEET for the link!

April 22 News

Happy Earth Day!

Today I will be doing another Earth Day read aloud called Long Live Earth by Meighan Morrison. Click HERE for the read aloud.

Read HERE for some Earth Day Facts!

And go HERE to visit National Geographic Website for kids. Cool photos, videos, games, and more!

April 21 News

Good morning 2G families!

Tomorrow is an IMPORTANT DAY! EARTH DAY!!! This is a very important day for SO many reasons, but mostly because EARTH is our HOME! So today I have an Earth Day book to share with you! Click HERE for today’s read aloud Earth Day, Hooray by Stuart J. Murphy!

Chat at home . . . what do you do to help the Earth?

Think about the three Rs . . . how do YOU REDUCE (use less), REUSE (use again) and RECYCLE (send to be recycled into something else).

At our house we have been focusing on PLASTIC! Plastic is on everything and is found as litter everywhere from roadsides to filling up our ocean! We can ALL work on reducing plastic!

I REDUCE my plastic by buying as many of my vegetables and fruits WITHOUT plastic wrap and using canvas grocery bags so I don’t have to use the plastic store bags.

I REUSE plastic by cutting up potato bags to make a little greenhouse covering. I also plant seeds in old plastic strawberry and mushroom containers. See the pictures below!

I RECYCLE all the plastic that Lancaster County allows such as plastic jugs with a neck.

Share with me . . . what does your family do to reduce, reuse or recycle? Think about ALL objects for this, not just plastic!

April 20 News

Good morning 2G Families! I hope you had a great weekend! Please check out the PM website link for THIS week’s learning activities. We will be reading a story about a gorilla named Koko who learns sign language. In math we will review time.

Click HERE to see today’s read aloud by Mrs. Garpstas entitled Watching In The Wild by Charnan Simon. This comes from our Storytown anthology. Since YOU are reading about Koko the gorilla this week, I thought it would be nice to read the Jane Goodall non-fiction piece about her study of chimpanzees.


YOUR WORK: Remember you only need to submit/send me TWO math assignments, TWO ELA assignments and ONE science/social studies activity this week. You certainly may send me everything you do. I love to see all your hard work, but do not feel pressured to send everything!

GOOGLE MEET: Don’t forget our next 2G ClASS GOOGLE MEET is this Thursday at 6PM. Have a book ready in your lap with one sentence to tell us about your book. This is an optional meeting.

I’d love to hear all about what you did this past weekend! Send me an email or you may continue writing letters to me at home! Larisa Garpstas, 158 Treetops Drive, Lanc PA 17601