Wednesday May 27 News


Today we will finish our chapter book The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. Click HERE for today’s reading.

The real Ivan which our chapter book was based on actually was taken from the western lowland jungles of Africa as a baby. Sadly he lived for 27 lonely years in a glass cage in a shopping mall. He was then rescued after many people fought to get Ivan a better life. He was then taken to a zoo in Atlanta, Georgia. Ivan lived to be 50 years old. He died just a few years ago. Click HERE to watch a video about the REAL Ivan! And click HERE for another video.

Thursday will be our LAST Google Meet at 6PM. Our theme this week is “Two Stars and One Wish”. Please be prepared to share two “STAR” events from second grade, or two things we did that you loved or really enjoyed. They could be anything! It could be a special event or a subject or time of the day we shared. Then have one WISH ready to share about summer or third grade next fall. Your wish is anything you hope for in the summer time or next year in third grade.

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