Friday May 29 News


THE CONESTOGA WAVE!!!!!!! At Conestoga on the last day of school it is the tradition for all the teachers and staff to say goodbye to students on busses by doing the wave! Here is this year’s version of the wave!

Click HERE for the Conestoga WAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, wonderful students, for an amazing year of teaching you! I cannot express how deeply sorry I am that we could not finish the year together within our school walls.

I am so proud of all of you and your many, many accomplishments this year. Your growth in your academics and overall maturity is simply astounding!

We went from barely being able to read silently for 5 minutes to reading silently for 30 or more minutes – with you all begging for more time! You deepened your understanding of genre and you now understand the theme of a story. You are now reading more challenging books than when you entered our second grade room.

In writing, you all found your voice and style and gave your writing personality and flair. Again, at the beginning of the year you wrote for a few short minutes, but by March you were writing for much longer periods of time and anxious to write even more! You produced such detailed and well organized pieces and you had some fun exploring how to write interesting beginnings and endings.

In math you went from basic addition and subtraction facts to adding and subtracting three and even four digit numbers with regrouping! WOW! You can now read time from an analog clock and count money like a banker! WHOA!

You learned the deep importance of nature to the Native Americans and how ingeniously they used nature to provide food, shelter and clothing. You learned to identify the continents and oceans. You learned about all the national symbols and their importance to our country. You learned about solid, liquid and gas.

Most of all I love how you grew and matured into such wonderfully kind little humans! This class has been a joy and pleasure to teach. Your kindness and patience with each other was astounding. You learned to accept and appreciate each other’s differences. You learned from each other. Your friendships blossomed. We became like family.

Second grade, thank you for a wonderful, amazing year. Thank you for all the laughs and silly moments. Thank you for all the times you blew me away with what you have learned! You are the reason I became a teacher. I adore each and every one of you. I have missed you greatly this last marking period. PLEASE stop in to see me next year!

Have a wonderful and safe summer and good luck to you all in third grade!

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