Virtual Habitats

Today the students reviewed the ocean habitat with virtual goggles. Our wonderful sixth grade teacher , Mrs. Johnson, was their tour guide for this activity! They had an awesome time. Ask your child what they learned!


TUESDAY: Last spelling test!

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Ice Cream Treat

To celebrate the end of testing the students had an ice cream treat celebration! Thank you PTO!

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After watching the story Top and Bottoms the students sorted plants that would either being on the top or bottom. Enjoy the story and the pictures. Reminder this Friday is an early dismissal!

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Drawing conclusions

Today in reading we talked about drawing conclusions in a story. We watched this video and then we listened to the story Click Clack Moo and used this skill.

In math we continued to talk about fractions. We learned about the numerator and the denominator.

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Animals and Plants

This week the students have been learning about animals. We discussed what does it mean to do research. The students picked their animal and started to do their research. They have completed a diagram and the animal’s habitat so far!

The class also have been learning about plants. We started out by talking about the life cycle of a plant. Today we talked about the needs of a seed. After listening to the Tiny Seed the class played a game. Ask your child if they survived as a seed today?


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Mixtures and Solutions and time

Today we continued to talk about mixtures and solutions. We made lemonade for our solution and trail mix for our mixture. We also identified the solute and solvent in our solution. At 4:00 today I posted a SEESAW homework assignment on mixtures. The students are very excited for this homework!!

The class also reviewed telling time by playing TIME BUMP! Enjoy the pictures!

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Long a, time and a spelling test

Today the class reviewed the long a sound and telling time on the hour and half hour. We practiced writing the digital and the analog time. Tomorrow is the spelling test. I also sent home the new April calendar! Wow how time flies!

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Atoms and measurement

The class has been learning about matter and atoms. Last week we used cheerios to be our atoms. We showed what atoms looked like inside our different states of matter . Then today we discussed how matter can change its state. We did an experiment with mentos and diet coke. Ask your child what happened. We have also been learning about measurement: standard and non standard. Today we used the standard measurement of inches to measure.

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Long e sound

This week the students have been practicing the long e sound. We recognized the long e sound being : ee and ea. After reading the story Sheep in a Jeep the students highlighted the long ee words. The students enjoyed making sheep and putting the long ee words on their sheep. Enjoy! Reminder : spelling test tomorrow.

In math this week we have talking about measuring. Today we discussed non standard units of measurement.

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busy week

We have been very busy this week learning the long vowel sound oa/ow. Here is one of the videos we watched! We just finished up learning how to graph in math. We talked about tally charts, bar graphs, taking a survey, using data, and making a picture graph! Today the class also enjoyed learning how to code with Mrs. Keller. Ask your child to show you what they did. Remember tomorrow is a spelling test and book exchange. Thanks again for your cooperation and support! Mrs. Braun

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