Letort Graduates and Time

Today the Letort students wished our Letort graduates good luck! WOW! How time flies.

The students have also been learning time to the hour and half hour. We used these videos to help us with these concepts!

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Plot and Shapes

Today we discussed the last of the story elements: the plot. We talked about how this includes the beginning middle and end of the story. We used the story the Three Little Pigs to identify the story elements. Then we read a Piggy and Elephant story. We used a story rope to help us with the elements. We also sang a song !

In math we continued to talk about shapes. We learned how to identify a shape as having equal and unequal parts. This will eventually lead up to FRACTIONS! We finished the math lesson with a fun shape /build a robot game! REMINDER: BOOK EXCHANGE ON MONDAY. Your child will just be returning their books! NO NEW BOOKS!

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Today the students continued to learn about story elements. We focused on the setting today. The class received a letter from my friend Roscoe. He had just taken a road trip and had stopped at many different places. He also gave the students clues to where he stopped. After reading the clues the students talked about where he stopped and when. The last stop was the candy store. Ask your child what Roscoe gave the students! Here is a youtube we also watched!

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Tops, Bottoms, characters, and 3d shapes

Today in math we talked about 3 d shapes. We identified the shapes and talked about the faces and curves of each shape. We listened to this song to help us with this concept.

In science, the class watched the story Tops and Bottoms. We discussed what plants we eat the tops of and which plants we eat the bottoms of.

Finally today we discussed the elements of a story. We focused on characters today. We sorted different kinds of characters and came up with different settings and problems for our characters.

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Just a reminder that your child will no longer be taking their laptop home with them. We will still be using them in the classroom, but they are no longer responsible for taking them home.


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Today the students learned how to add two 2 digit numbers with and without regrouping. They are able to earn 1 or 2 brag tags if they complete the exit ticket for tomorrow. They only need to complete 2 of the problems but THEY MUST CHOOSE A STRATEGY and SHOW THEIR WORK! Here is the lesson if they need to refresh their memory!

The students also reviewed what a verb is. We played headbanz and then made super verb heroes to complete the lesson!


TOMORROW IS AWESOME ACTIVITY DAY. Please wear sneakers and bring a water bottle. I would suggest putting your child’s name on the water bottle as well.

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Parts of the Plant

Today the students continued to learn about plants. We learned the parts and their functions. We used this youtube and song to help us with this concept.






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Research Reports

Today your child got to pick an animal for their research report. All work will be done in class. You certainly may do extra research at home but the bulk of the project will be completed at school. Today they got to make a diagram of their animal and label at least 3 things on their animal. Ask your child what animal they picked!


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Coding with INDI

Today the class got to do some coding with a car called INDI. The students were given a challenge to move the car in a certain sequence using colored mats. The kids did a great job and had an awesome time!

Monday and Tuesday the students will have their special in the morning again due to PSSA testing. Make sure they bring a jacket for outside GYM on Monday. Monday’s color is : YELLOW Tuesday will be : BROWN

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