Just a reminder: BOOK ORDERS are due TODAY!

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Today we learned all about pumpkins. We used gummy pumpkins today to subtract in math and we also learned about how a pumpkin goes from a seed to a pumpkin. We made pumpkin crowns to help us with the cycle. Enjoy the pictures!

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Today we talked about the suffix -ing. We learned about root words and how it makes the word mean it is happening now. We watched a short video clip to help us understand this concept!

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Today the class enjoyed a story called The Little Old Lady That was Not Afraid of Anything. We used props to help us retell the story. Ask your child when we used the props to retell the story what it created! Enjoy the video. Have a great weekend. Please be sure to go through your child’s backpack for an important letter from Mrs. McPherson!

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Naming and telling parts

Today we continued to talk about naming and telling parts in sentences. We discussed that the naming part is either a person, place or a thing. That is called a noun. We watched a Schoolhouse Rock video on nouns. The class then each got either a naming part or a telling part card. The students found a partner to make some silly sentences! Don’t forget their is a spelling test tomorrow!

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Reminders/more subtraction

Just a reminder that tomorrow is picture day. Even if you are not purchasing any pictures ALL students will still have their picture taken for the class photo. Also please don’t forget to hand back your conference paper so I can accommodate your schedules as best as I can!

The class also continued to discuss subtraction. Today I had the students watch 2 utube videos and see if they could tell me what number we were going to talk about today. Here are the utubes! Enjoy.

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Today in class we continued to talk about subtraction. We learned more about what take away, difference and minus means. We practiced writing subtraction number sentences today and watched utube videos to help us understand this tricky concept! Enjoy!

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Tomorrow is an early dismissal. The students will still be having gym, but we will be dismissed at 1:30. I am also sending home a book order . It will be due October 10th. Remember you can easily access the site on my BLOG! I will have the new October calendar and menu posted tomorrow as well. Thanks again for your cooperation!

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Busy Monday!

Today some of the students got guided reading books. Please have them read their book to you and sign the log book included in the bag. This book has been practiced several times in class so the book should be fluent. I am also checking for comprehension as well when they read their book.

We also learned about contractions today. We sang a song and also watched a video to help us understand this concept.

We ended the day by talking about temperature. We predicted what would happen to the mercury in the thermometer when we put it in hot water and a bucket of ice. They loved the temperature song!

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Writing and Ice Cream

This week in writing we talked about transition words. We read some Froggy books by Jonathan London since his books are a good example of this. We used a chart of good transition words to use to help us edit our stories.

The class also worked together and filled their bucket of bears for good classroom behavior. The students chose as a reward an ice cream sundae party! Enjoy the pictures and have a great weekend!

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