Laptops, Math, and Seasons

Today your child is bringing home their laptop for the first time. We discussed how they need to charge their laptop and bring it to school EVERYDAY! We also discussed how we take care of their laptop: No stickers on it, do not use it when your are eating, do not put it in their backpack, and put it in a safe place at home! Their is no assignment! The class in math has continued to learn about number bonds. We learned about the number 7 today. Check out this utube that helped us understand this concept.

The class also has been learning about the 4 seasons. We finished up our last season today: summer. The students LOVED listening to this seasons song!

Thanks again for your support!! Mrs. Braun

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Number Bonds and labeling

Today in math we continued to learn about number bonds. We watched this video to help us understand today’s lesson.

We also learned what a label is. We discussed how a label tells us what something is. We listened to this story and discussed all the labels in the book . Then we did a worksheet and placed in the labels in the picture and also labeled a playground!

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Busy Thursday

Today the class learned more about the short “a” sound. We read the story “Let’s Tap” in our Storytown and did some exercising to Jack Hartman’s CVC video.

The class also has continued to practice the math skill of subitizing. We played a game called toothy! We also did our first math sprint to see how fast we were at subitizing.

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Terrific Tuesday

Today the class started the morning by listening to the story Recess Queen. We reviewed class and school rules and then unscrambled a sentence to go along with the story.

Later in the day we practiced logging in to our computers and learning how to use the microphone in SEESAW. In math the class continued to practice subitizing. Ask your child what this means. We watched a Jack Hartman video and then played a game to review this skill!

The students also had time to explore their own math buckets. Each student will have their own bucket that has tools for them to use during math! Thank you again for your continued support

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Another GREAT day!

The class learned another tool on their laptop today. We practiced logging in and using the writing tool. We made the line thick and then different colors!

Later in the day we listened to the story Library Mouse. We discussed how we are all writers just like in our story.

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First Day

The class had a GREAT first day. We started out by discussing some rules. We then watched a story called Lacey Walker Non-Stop Talker. We discussed what a good listener looks like. We then put a sentence together to match the story and made our own Lacey Walker.

The class also learned how to login to their laptops. The students WILL NOT be taking them home yet!

We finally squeezed in a math lesson as well! We acted out the story MOUSE COUNT! Ask them about the GREEDY snake. We then used our new skills to play a game and complete a paper! Thanks for an awesome first day!

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Virtual Habitats

Today the students reviewed the ocean habitat with virtual goggles. Our wonderful sixth grade teacher , Mrs. Johnson, was their tour guide for this activity! They had an awesome time. Ask your child what they learned!


TUESDAY: Last spelling test!

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Ice Cream Treat

To celebrate the end of testing the students had an ice cream treat celebration! Thank you PTO!

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After watching the story Top and Bottoms the students sorted plants that would either being on the top or bottom. Enjoy the story and the pictures. Reminder this Friday is an early dismissal!

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Drawing conclusions

Today in reading we talked about drawing conclusions in a story. We watched this video and then we listened to the story Click Clack Moo and used this skill.

In math we continued to talk about fractions. We learned about the numerator and the denominator.

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