Today we continued to talk about Martin Luther King Jr. We looked at our Scholastic News and also watched the Sneetches. We compared the story of the Sneetches to Martin Luther King.

We also continued to discuss adding and subtracting ten from a number in math. After lots of modeling and using base ten blocks, many students have really grasped this difficult concept!

In Social Studies the class has been talking about needs and wants. We discussed what a need is versus a want. We then watched a short utube clip and then sorted pictures if they were a need or want.

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Pajama and Stuffed Animal Day

Enjoy the photos! Remember we have no school on Monday and an Early Dismissal on Friday.

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Pirates and place value

Today we continued to practice the -ar sound. We played a game similar to headbanz, but we used pirate hats. The students gave 3 clues to help the “pirate” solve their -ar word on their hat!

In math we continued to learn about place value. We used our tens and ones cubes to show ten more and ten less. This is a very hard concept to understand so today we did a lot of modeling and practicing!

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Pajama and Stuffed Animals

Today the class filled their bucket of bears and as a reward they voted on stuffed animal and pajama day. Tomorrow your child may bring a stuffed animal to school ,as long as it fits in their back pack , and wear their pajamas school. Make sure their pajamas are appropriate for outdoor recess and gym. Participation is optional! Thanks for your cooperation! Mrs. Braun

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Place Value

Today the students reviewed tens, ones, and regrouping. The students were given a number and they had to regroup it using ones, and then tens and ones. Enjoy are place value snowmen!

Reminders: Tomorrow is BOOK EXCHANGE and ART! Don’t forget to register for the kids heart challenge so we can win a $50 Amazon gift card!

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Treasure Chests

After reading the stories, Ann’s Trip To The Stars, and Mark’s Big Day, the students found -ar words in the stories. We then put all our -ar words on “gold” pieces for our treasure chests.


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Just a reminder there is NO SCHOOL on Monday. Tuesday we start a new marking period so our specials change.

Day A Music Day B Applied Engineering Day C Art

Day D Gym

I will be scheduling book exchange separately so I will let you know those dates ASAP! Don’t forget to register your child for the KIDS HEART CHALLENGE! If I can get all the students to register , the class could win a $50 AMAZON gift card!!! All you need to do is register before January 17th! Thanks!

Mrs. Braun

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In writing the class has been learning about sequencing. We discussed how we use the words first, next, then and last. Today we wrote about how to build a snowman. After we did this we put our snowman in a snowglobe and added puffy snow! How appropriate for today!

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Soil and Sand

The students had fun reviewing the layers of soil and then investigating and comparing soil and sand.

In math today the class continued to talk about grouping tens. We learned about 0 ones in our number. We sang a song and exercised to help us count by 10’s.

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Happy New Year!

Today in math we learned about making ten and then having “some more.” We eventually then talked about tens and ones. We watched this video to help us understand about grouping tens and ones.

The class also discussed what a resolution is. We read a story called Squirrel’s Resolution. Then we came up with our own resolutions!

In science today we continued to talk about rocks , minerals , and soil. We learned about the different layers of soil.

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