Today the students continued to learn about lists. After watching a quick video on the Mayflower, the students came up with a list of things they would pack. Then they were allowed to only pick 5. They made their suitcase and wrote the 5 things they chose! Have a great Thanksgiving break! See you November 29th. We have a spelling test that day as well.

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Thanksgiving bracelet

Today the students learned about Thanksgiving. We watched a brainpop jr to help us understand this concept and also made a retell bracelet. Have your child use the bracelet to help them retell the story! REMINDER: Early dismissal again tomorrow!

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Landforms /Book Fair

Today the class continued to learn about landforms. We watched this youtube to help us.


The students will be visiting the BOOK FAIR on Monday at 12:25!

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Spelling Test/ Math

Just a reminder tomorrow is a spelling test! The pattern this week was the digraph th. The children also reviewed different ways to make ten by playing a squirrel game. Enjoy the pictures!

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Today your child will be coming home with BOOK FAIR information. Please take the time to read this information if you are interested in having your child purchase books at the book fair. Our scheduled time is Nov. 21st at 12:25. Please use the envelope provided to use for the fair. The PTO has been generous enough to purchase each child a free BOOK! Thank you PTO!

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Compare and Contrast

Today the students learned how to compare and contrast. We used the 2 stories of the Little Red Hen. We compared the one story where she made tacos and the other where she made pizza. We discussed how compare means things that are similar and contrast are things that are different. We then compared and contrasted apples and pumpkins. Tomorrow we will use a VENN Diagram to compare and contrast. We watched this BRAIN POP to help us understand this concept.

The students also have an opportunity to earn a BRAG TAG tomorrow if they complete their exit ticket in math. Here is the lesson if they need help!

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Spiders and Book Exchange

Today the students were very excited to eat like a spider. They learned that spiders do not have teeth. They inject their fangs into their prey. Juices go into the prey that turns the prey from a solid to a liquid. Then the spider “slurps” their dinner up. We acted this out using a sugar cube(prey) and turning it into a liquid (water) . Then they slurped their dinner up with a straw! YUM!!

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Today in class the students learned more about spiders. After reading the story The Very Busy Spider, the class thought of things that they were busy doing. Then they recorded what they did on a spider. Later then the class looked at a nonfiction book on SPIDERS. We read about the black widow,brown recluses, tarantula, and wolf spider. We discussed what a table of contents is and a glossary. REMINDER: SPELLING TEST TOMORROW! Tomorrow the students will be eating like a spider! YUM!!

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Question marks

Today the class learned about the question mark. We practiced creating sentences that were questions. We also decided if the sentence was an asking or a telling sentence. We watched these videos to help us with this concept.

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Echolocation and Number Path

Today in science we learned about the life cycle of a bat and echolocation. We made a flip book for our bat cycle and listened to an echolocation song to help us with these concepts. At the end of the day we made bat hats!

In math today the class learned how to use a number path. we used the number path to help us relate addition and subtraction facts. Here is the lesson!

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