Great 2 Days!

Wow! We have learned a lot in 2 days.  I know I was exhausted!  We read a story about Lacey Walker who was a non-stop talker.  The class made Lacey Walkers and also discussed classroom and school rules.  The students also learned what the word subitize means.( To look a a number quickly without actually counting it).   We played 2 games to help us with this concept.  We also read a story called Mouse Count to help us learn our number words.  The highlight was when we read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  We used our 5 senses to describe our coconut.  Then we actually opened it up and saw what was inside!  We then tasted the coconut and took a survey of how many people liked or disliked it.  For science we predicted if the coconut was going to sink or float.  We learned about the word : HYPOTHESIS.  Here is the link for the utube video of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  Thanks for a great 2 days.  Usually I will post a newsletter but because of it being only 2 days, I thought I would just quick write an update. Thanks again for being patient!  Mrs. Braun

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