Adding 2 digit numbers

Today we continued to talk about adding 2 digit numbers without regrouping. We first used our tens and one rods to model 2 digit numbers. We discussed how to line up our ones and our tens. We also discussed how important it is to add our ones first and then our tens. After using the pictures (rods) we then when to the next step of just using numbers. This was hard for some students to go from using manipulatives to numbers. We watched a utube to help them understand this concept.

Today in science we started to talk about magnetic force. We used the words attract and repel. The students got with their PBJ partner and experimented with things in the classroom. Most students said that the magnets were attracted to metal. After watching our short utube we took it a step farther and talked about the 3 metals that magnets are attracted to. See if your child can tell you!!

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