Message from Mrs. McPherson

Parent-Teacher Conferences – Coming Soonby cmcphersonThis year, all parents will sign up for a virtual parent-teacher conference.    In the next week, you will get a link from your child’s teacher that you will use to log in and secure a timeslot that works for you.    Conferences will be held on Monday, November 23rd from 1:45-8:00 PM and on Tuesday, November 24th from 1:45-3:45PM.   Depending on availability there might be dates/times that are out of those two days available.  To plan ahead for conferences:·       Look at your calendar, select dates/times that will work best for your family.   Please remember we only host one conference, so it is very important that blended families coordinate this in advance.   ·       A g-mail account MUST be used to schedule an appointment.   If you have one, I would suggest you use that.   (Please sign up for the conference and include your child’s name in some way.)·       If you do NOT have a g-mail account, you will NEED to use your child’s log in information to sign up for the conference.    It would be helpful if you recorded your child’s log in information somewhere.    ( and password=this is specific to your child) ·       After you sign up for your conference, an email confirmation will be sent to the email account of the teacher and also to the account you used to sign up.   ·       A parent tip:  If you sign up using your child’s account, please hold on to their log in information, because you will need it the date/time of the conference to log back in for the google meet conference.  ·       If you are unable to sign up for a conference using your child’s computer, please contact our building secretary at 717.872-9530 to schedule your appointment.   Please sign up by Monday, November 2, 2020.
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