Am, An, PAJAMA DAY, and Walruses

Today in FUNDATIONS the class learned about 2 glued sounds: am and an. I had the students make the M sound and the N sound ,but they had to pinch their nose. They quickly realized the sound could not be made with the nose blocked. Both m and n are called nasal sounds. We then got out our magnetic letter boards and built many words with our new glued sounds!

In science today the students looked at their SCHOLASTIC NEWS on walruses. We came up with 5 reasons why we would LOVE walruses. We picked one and recorded it. Then we used paper plates to make a walrus. Have your child read what they wrote about walruses! Enjoy the seesaw drawings we also did today! Don’t forget tomorrow is an early dismissal and PAJAMA DAY! Mrs. Braun

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