Reading/Language Arts

Reading/Language Arts

The first grade Language Arts program is mostly based on Harcourt Brace’s program called “Story Town.” and a program called FUNDATION    Each lesson is divided into 5 days.  We use day 6 as a review day and assessment day.

On day 1, the students are introduced to the new lesson, learn a new spelling pattern, receive a list of spelling words, and read a “Get Started” story in their anthology.

On day 2, the students continue working on the spelling pattern, but also learn new word wall words, read a longer story in their anthologies, and work on a Focus Skill (such as “beginning, middle, ending” of a story, or the characters in a story).

On day 3, we continue the word practice, read stories focusing on different strategies, and continue a new phonics skill.

Days 4 and 5 continue the above work, but in more detailed lessons.

On Day 6 we always have our spelling test.  We may also participate in some enrichment activities, re-read other stories from our anthology, and spend time reviewing the lessons taught this week.