“From Worrier to Warrior: How to Help Your Gifted/2e Child Conquer Fear.”

Tuesday night I participated in a webinar given by Dr. Dan Peters on how to help gifted children and twice exceptional children understand and manage their anxiety.  As a gifted support teacher with a masters degree in clinical psychology, this topic is near and dear to my heart. Dr. Peters shared his approach to addressing anxiety with children, teens, and adults. His name for anxiety is the Worry Monster. He is the author of several books  that explain how you know when the Worry Monster is near by (the physiological responses to anxiety)  and provides a toolbox filled with practical strategies  for dealing with fears and anxieties.

This webinar,  provided  by an organization called SENG Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted, provides access to some of the top experts in the gifted field who address issues related to the social and emotional need of the gifted. The webinars are designed for parents, educators, and mental health professionals who work with gifted children. Simply visit their site to learn more. I’ve participated in many, and they have all provided a wealth of information!




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The Penn Manor School District advocates appropriate educational experiences to meet the needs of all children. Students identified with gifted ability are provided with specially designed academic programs. These support services are not covered in the regular education program.

This encourages a learning environment that will stimulate initiative, problem solving and creativity to help students gain a sense of responsibility to self, school, and a changing society. Gifted Individualized Education Plans include options for enrichment and acceleration.

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