Honors Helpdesk Information

Course Summary
The student technology help desk is a unique course with two objectives. First, under the guidance and supervision of Penn Manor IT staff, help desk apprentices support peers via technical consultation and service, hardware repair, software troubleshooting, programming, training, and the creation of support documentation. Second, as an independent study course, help desk apprentices explore special topics in technology, programming, customer service, and communications.

Customer Service and Professionalism
Student apprentices provide quality help and support for student peers and teachers. We are trusting you with an elevated level of access to school technology. Courtesy, grace, temperance, and honor are essential to our program. Student technologists are expected to act professionally at all times. Our goal is to help visitors feel welcomed and supported.

Daily Expectations
This course is not a study hall. We expect students to contribute every day and to make steady progress toward personal and team goals, participation is vital.