February Dates and Important Information

Valentine’s Day– February 14th- Students are welcome to bring in valentines on the 14th! Students were reminded that if they are choosing to participate, that they must have a valentine for each class member. Class lists were sent home to help with that. Thanks!

Laptops– Just a friendly reminder for those students taking laptops home… thank you for helping to make sure that they are charged up and ready for school. Most students who are taking laptops home also have and keep their charger at home. Therefore, we only have 5 or so chargers here in our charging station in our classroom. I am finding more laptops coming back from home that need to be charged and it’s causing some disruption. If laptops could be charged and ready for school when returned from home, that would be very helpful! Thank you!!

Labels– Keep those LABELS coming in for our PTO’s Race for Education! We appreciate it! Reminder that LABELS are due on March 2nd.

Math– We have started Chapter 10, Fractions and Decimals. Our test for this chapter is tentatively scheduled for Feb. 14th. Thanks for your help at home with homework!

Reading– We finished our Unit #3 on Nonfiction Texts and have started Unit #4, a unit on Fiction Texts. We are working on story elements, summarizing, point of view, inference, and drawing conclusions. Students are required to be able to write a 4-5 paragraph essay on a reading prompt, after reading a text. These are called TDA’s, which are Text Dependent Analysis Essays. We will continue to practice this kind of writing in our reading class.

Writing– We are currently working on a Figurative Language Unit…Alliteration, Onomatopoeia, Simile, Metaphor, Idiom, Personification

Feb 7- Day B / Art / Spelling TEST List #18 / 1:30 Early Dismissal
Feb 10- Day C / Phys Ed / Spelling List #19 / Ch. 9 Math Test Corrections are DUE! / 6:30 PTO Meeting
Feb 11- Day D / Music
Feb 12- Day A / Library Instruction / Library Books Due
Feb 13- Day B / Art / Ch. 10 REVIEW for Decimals Test
Feb 14- Day C / Phys Ed / Spelling TEST #19 / Ch. 10 Math TEST on Decimals / Valentine’s Day
Feb 17- NO SCHOOL / President’s Day
Feb 18- Day D / Music / Spelling List #20
Feb 19- Day A / Library Instruction
Feb 20- Day B / Art
Feb 21- Day C / Phys Ed / Spelling TEST #20
Feb 24- Day D / Music / Spelling List #21
Feb 25- Day A / Library Instruction / Library Books Due
Feb 26- Day B / Art
Feb 27- Day C / Phys Ed
Feb 28- Day D / Spelling TEST #21 / Spirit Day- Bling Day

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