March 26, 2020

On Monday, Penn Manor will have OPTIONAL learning activities posted for students on a new website.  I will include the link to that site below.  Please know that these will be optional activities at this time, and may involve 5-10 hours of optional work per week.  Thank you so much for supporting your child during this difficult time.  I am here to help.  Please reach out to me, or have your child reach out to me, with any concerns or questions.  Please do not stress over the optional work/activities.  We don’t want to burden families at this time, but just want to provide options for those who would like them. 

*This is the link for the remote learning opportunities.  It is not set up completely yet.  Students/Families may begin using this starting on Monday, March 30th.  Here is that link…

*Mr. Howe and Dr. Mealy have been updating and posting important information on their Hambright BLOG.  This will be their primary form of communication.  Here is that link…

*Here is Penn Manor’s main website link…

*Here is the link to my Google Classroom.  This is something that we have used many times in my classroom.  I have quizzes/games/etc for students to practice skills on there.  In the future, I will be adding new things on there as well as an option if you’d like your child to do more.

I have a MATH and ELA Links Page at the top of this BLOG, if your child would like to use any of them.  I will try to add more educational links as I come across them to provide you more options, if you should choose to use them. 

*Optional:  Google Slides- Before school ended, students were making Figurative Language Google Slides on their Chromebooks in class.  Students are free to continue to create more Google Slides on a subject/topic of their choice.  Please have your child share those with me, if they’d choose to do that!

If you haven’t already, you may want to SUBSCRIBE to the BLOG(s) posted above.  On the BLOG pages, you will see a place to SUBSCRIBE (usually on the right side of the screen).  Simply enter your email address, and you will receive a notification every time the blog is updated.

I hope you find this helpful, and not overwhelming.  Please reach out to me if I can be of any help.  I may not have the answers, but will try to help you if I can.  And please feel free to allow your child to email me to say HI!  I very much MISS the kids and miss teaching them.
Thank you again…and please stay safe and take care.  I will continue to be in touch. 🙂


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