Week of April 20th-24th

Hi 4th Grade Students and Families,

I hope you continue to be safe and well.  Thank you to those who have been able to reach out and complete the activities posted last week.  I have enjoyed receiving the many assignments from 4th graders.  I am very impressed with their creativity!  Keep up the great work!  Please know that I am here to help you and your child as we continue to navigate through remote learning.  Please email me, if needed!

April 20th-April 24th Beginning Monday, April 20th, Penn Manor will begin to introduce NEW learning concepts/ideas to students.  Teachers will keep track of student participation in Sapphire, and continue to provide feedback to students as well.   There will be 5 assignments students will be completing.

Find the NEW learning activities here:  There are 2 ways you can access the NEW learning assignments for April 20-24. 

#1: Penn Manor’s Remote Learning site…


If you navigate from the district remote learning site, you will need to MAKE A COPY of each  document before writing on them.  To do this, go to FILE, and scroll down to MAKE A COPY. Then you will work on that copy and will be able to SHARE it with me. (kelley.groff@pennmanor.net)

 #2:  Students can also access the activities on Mrs. Groff’s Google Classroom page, or our 4th Grade Hambright Shared Learning Google Classroom page.  Once there, click on CLASSWORK at the top, and find the activities for the week.  Click on the activity and the document that you can write on will come up.  When you are finished, SHARE with me. (kelley.groff@pennmanor.net)

Optional Schedule:  Below is an OPTIONAL schedule with you for next week’s learning activities.  You may choose to use it, or not.  I just want to share it in case any fourth graders and families could benefit from it.  If it’s not needed, simply ignore.  Continue to work through the activities at a pace that works best for you and your family.

Week of April 20th-24th – Suggested Schedule of Assignments


  • All assignments can be found on the Remote Learning Website OR on Google Classroom. Use either avenue to access assignments.  
  • The assignments below are ALL due by Sunday, April 26th. If you are unable to complete them by then, simply email your teacher to let me know.
  • These assignments will be recorded as RECEIVED (but not graded) in Sapphire.
  • **Remember this is just an OPTIONAL GUIDELINE and students will work at their own pace.  It may take your student several learning sessions to complete just one of the assignments. 
Music and Math Monday April 20, 2020  
Math – Begin the math lesson on Perimeter and Area. Get through as much as you can. Remember this entire assignment should take 2 hours total, so it might take you two days to complete.  However, you may choose to complete all of it in one day if you wish. If you don’t finish today, fit the rest in sometime this week. 
Music – Spend 30 minutes working on an activity from the MUSIC page on the Remote Learning Website – https://sites.google.com/pennmanor.net/remotelearning/elementary/music Feel free to email Mrs. Tuel any musical things you’ve been doing (sara.tuel@pennmanor.net). Optional: On the 4th Grade Remote Learning website, there is an extra activity posted for enrichment that you may work on throughout the week, if you choose.   
What should I send to my teacher? SHARE the “Perimeter and Area” Google Slides with Mrs.Groff.
Reading and Art Tuesday April 21, 2020
Reading – Complete the entire lesson on Firsthand and Secondhand Accounts. 
Art – Spend 30 minutes working on an activity from the ART page on the Remote Learning Website – https://sites.google.com/pennmanor.net/remotelearning/elementary/art  Email Mrs. Wigerman with a picture or video of your art project for the week (heather.wigerman@pennmanor.net).   
What should I send to my teacher? SHARE your copy of the “Week of April 20-24th Reading Assignment” with the Helen Keller worksheet questions answered with Mrs. Groff. 
Writing and Phys. Ed. Wednesday  April 22, 2020  
Writing – Complete the Writing assignment for this week. You will be  writing a firsthand account of an event you’ve experienced. 
Phys. Ed – Spend 30 minutes working on an activity from the PHYS. ED. Page on the Remote Learning Website – https://sites.google.com/pennmanor.net/remotelearning/elementary/phys-ed Submit a picture or short video to Mrs. Barnett’s email. (mary.barnett@pennmanor.net)     What should I send to my teacher? SHARE your writing assignment (firsthand account) with Mrs. Groff. 
Content and Library Instruction Thursday  April 23, 2020  
Science – Complete the Creating a Planet assignment. 
Social Studies – Complete the PA Government lesson. 
Library Instruction – Spend 30 minutes working on an activity from the Library Instruction page of the Remote Learning website – https://sites.google.com/pennmanor.net/remotelearning/elementary/library?authuser=0. Email Mrs. Ashworth (kathy.ashworth@pennmanor.net) with the work that you completed.   
What should I send to my teacher? SHARE a picture or video of your planet assignment with Mrs.Groff by email.  SHARE a copy of your PA Government exit slip with Mrs.Groff.  
Catch-Up Friday  April 24, 2020   Finish up any assignment that you were unable to complete during the day. Remember to SHARE all completed work with your teacher.   What should I send to my teacher? Any work from the previous days that you needed to finish up or correct from this week. You should SHARE a total of 5 items from this week.  

Congratulations on completing your work, Hambright LEADERS!

Thanks for all you are doing!

~Mrs. Kelley Groff

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