Week of May 4th-May 8th

Hi 4th Grade Students and Families,

You are all doing an amazing job with everything.   THANK YOU so much for all that you are doing.         

Important News Regarding Textbooks/Laptops- Please HOLD ON to the Storytown Anthology, and orange Grammar textbook that are probably in your child’s backpack.  These classroom textbooks WILL NEED TO BE RETURNED to me at some point.  (I do not know when that will be- perhaps simply when we return to our building when school is back in session at Hambright.)  I THANK YOU VERY MUCH for helping me out with this, as I will need them in the future with my future students.  At this time, all student laptops, chargers, and bags are to remain in the hands of students.  The district may eventually give out details as to how they are going to handle the technology in the future.  Your child MAY KEEP the math workbooks.

NEW learning assignments for the Week of May 4th-8th

Reminder, there are 2 ways you can access the NEW learning assignments for May 4-8.  

#1: Penn Manor’s Remote Learning site


PLEASE NOTE:  Be sure to SHARE your work with me. (kelley.groff@pennmanor.net)

 #2:  Google Classroom

Students can also access the activities on Mrs. Groff’s Google Classroom page (I prefer you use this one!), or our 4th Grade Hambright Shared Learning Google Classroom page.  Once there, click on CLASSWORK at the top, and find the activities for the week.  Click on the activity and the document that you can write on will come up.  When you are finished, SHARE with me. (kelley.groff@pennmanor.net)

Optional Schedule:  Below is an OPTIONAL schedule with you for next week’s learning activities.  You may choose to use it, or not.  I just want to share it in case any fourth graders and families could benefit from it.  If it’s not needed, simply ignore.  Continue to work through the activities at a pace that works best for you and your family.

Week of May 4th-May 8th – Optional Schedule of Assignments


  • All assignments can be found on The Remote Learning Site OR on the “4th Grade Hambright Shared Learning” Google Classroom. Use either avenue to access assignments.  
  • The assignments below are ALL due by the end of the day, Sunday, May 10. If you are unable to complete them by then, simply email your teacher to let me know.  
  • These assignments WILL be recorded, but not graded, in Sapphire.
  • **Remember this is just an OPTIONAL GUIDELINE and students will work at their own pace.  It may take your student several learning sessions to complete just one of the assignments. 
Music and Math Monday May 4, 2020  
Math – Begin the math lessons on Classifying and Measuring Angles. Get through as much as you can. Remember this entire assignment should take 2 hours total, so it might take you two days to complete.  However, you may choose to complete all of it in one day if you wish. If you don’t finish today, fit the rest in sometime this week. The format is the same as last week.
Music – Spend 30 minutes working on an activity from the Music page of the Remote Learning Website.  Feel free to email Mrs. Brubaker any musical things you’ve been doing (ashley.brubaker@pennmanor.net).
What should I send to my teacher? SHARE the “Classifying and Measuring Angles” Google Slides with Mrs. Groff.
Reading and Art Tuesday May 5, 2020
Reading – Read the information and view the video to review Figurative Language. Copy and complete the activity (or complete the 2 Google Forms on Google Classroom) and share with your teacher. 
Art – Spend 30 minutes working on an activity from the Art page of the Remote Learning Website.  Email Mrs. Wigerman with a picture or video of your art project for the week (heather.wigerman@pennmanor.net). 
What should I send to my teacher? SHARE your copy of the Figurative Language activity/quiz (2 parts) with Mrs. Groff.
Writing and Phys. Ed. Wednesday  May 6, 2020  
Writing – Complete the Writing assignment for this week. You will be writing a paragraph using figurative language. 
Phys. Ed – Spend 30 minutes working on an activity from the Phys. Ed. page of the Remote Learning Website.  Submit a picture or short video to Mrs. Barnett’s email. (mary.barnett@pennmanor.net)    
What should I send to my teacher? SHARE your writing assignment (figurative language paragraph) with Mrs. Groff.
Content and Library Instruction Thursday  May 7, 2020  
Science – Complete the “Learning about the Seasons” activity. 
Social Studies – Complete the PA Government, “Legislative Branch” lesson.  Library Instruction – Spend 30 minutes working on an activity from the Library page of the Remote Learning Website.  Email Mrs. Ashworth (kathy.ashworth@pennmanor.net) with the work that you completed.   
What should I send to my teacher? SHARE a copy of the answered Seasons questions with Mrs. Groff.  Share a copy of your PA Government: Legislative Branch exit slip with Mrs. Groff.  
Catch-Up Friday  May 8, 2020   Finish up any assignment that you were unable to complete during the week. Remember to share all completed work with your teacher. What should I send to my teacher? Any work from the previous days that you needed to finish up or correct from this week. You should share a total of 5 items this week!  
Congratulations on completing your work, Hambright LEADERS!

My Office Hours are Monday-Friday 11:00-12:00pm:  Office hours are a time when you can get immediate feedback from me about an assignment (or almost immediate feedback, depending on how many reach out to me during this time).  Please know that you are welcome to email me at any time.  In this case, please expect a response within 24 hours Monday through Friday.  Please continue to reach out to me at a time that works best for you!

Submitting Assignments- Students may SHARE their work with me via Google Drive, or take a picture and email it to me.

*Student Google Email- Students may use his/her own email account to directly communicate with me or submit work to me.  To access these accounts, students will click on the “dots/waffle” in the top right corner of Google, and then click on Gmail.

Don’t forget to check out Hambright’s Blog for other important information… https://hambright.pennmanor.net/blog/

Thanks for all you are doing!

~Mrs. Kelley Groff

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