Goodbye & Thank You!

4th Graders and Families,

I am sorry that we couldn’t spend the spring together in school, as this time of year is especially fun…field trip, track and field, Race for Education, fun projects and activities in class (now that the testing would be over and curriculum would be winding down), and more. Please see your email for a 4-Groff Google Slides Presentation sharing some of our school year!

I hope….that you are able to enjoy the summer.

I hope…that we can get back to a new “normal” sooner than later.

I hope…to see your children next year in the hallways.

I hope…that your children will come back to visit me!!

I hope…that you stay safe and healthy!

TAKE CARE and THANK YOU again for your support and kind words during this difficult time!!

I will miss this group of kiddos!


~Kelley Groff

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