Welcome 4th Graders / 2022-2023!

Welcome to 4th grade and the 2022-2023 school year!  

Have you had a great summer?  I sure hope so! 

Are you ready for a super school year in our BEAUTIFUL building?  We are all still so excited to be in our building!  Fourth grade is a year full of fun and exciting activities!  This is a very important year because your child is making the transition from a primary student to an intermediate student.  Students, your school responsibilities will grow, as well as your knowledge! 

Have you done your school shopping yet?

Please know that our classroom will have the following supplies, but they may be limited this year.  If your child would like to have his/her own supplies, here is a list of frequently used items in our classroom…

* a pencil pouch/bag (not a pencil box)

* a Homework Folder, and subject folders

* earbuds for our laptops

* pencils and pens (a few)

* glue stick, scissors, a ruler, dry erase marker & small whiteboard for your desk

* crayons, colored pencils, a pencil sharpener  

* Please note:  NO 3 ring binders this year!  Students will have their laptops, and we simply do NOT have the room for them in our desks. We use FOLDERS in 4th grade. You may bring your own folders if you’d like. Also, please remember to write your name on anything that you are able to.  Thanks!  

*Donations needed:  tissues, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, bags of snacks, school supplies…THANKS! 

Parents, my main form of communication will be through email this school year. I may also post occasionally on my BLOG. You may also find lots of resources and other important information on my BLOG. Please subscribe to my BLOG if you’d like notifications of updates.

Students, I look forward to seeing you on Monday, August 29th! I will be standing outside our room to greet you- our room is at the very end of the 3/4 hallway, on the left. Don’t forget to bring your smile and positive attitude!P

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

~ Mrs. Kelley Groff

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