Math Series

This year, we will be using a new math series titled Eureka.  Although this is a new curriculum for 3rd grade, the students should be familiar with the series because they used Eureka in their 2nd grade classrooms.  Eureka offers many different components to each lesson.  The lesson components include building fluency, solving problems using multiple strategies, demonstrating understanding by applying learned strategies to real-world scenarios, and debriefing each lesson through the use of discussion questions.  Eureka’s curriculum provides the opportunity to explore mathematical topics in an engaging way.

Math Support

Mrs. Longenecker and Mrs. Doulin will be joining our class this year for math.  They will be offering push-in support for our class.  While I am providing direct instruction to students, Mrs. Longenecker and Mrs. Doulin will be helping students to stay focused.  Small group lessons will also be utilized.


After finishing our daily math lessons through Eureka, students will use Zearn to complete activities on their ChromeBooks that mirror what we learned during that day’s lesson.  Students will engage in activities to reinforce what they learned in a fun and exciting way.  Students should be familiar with Zearn because they used this site in their 2nd grade classrooms as well.  Students should log in using the new third grade usernames and passwords that were assigned to them individually at the beginning of this school year.