We will have our spelling tests every Friday throughout the course of the year.  Spelling lists will be given out every Monday.  Students will be responsible for studying and practicing their spelling words every night as part of their homework assignment.  Students will be asked to complete a spelling tic-tac-toe activity or various spelling worksheets every week, as practice for their spelling test.  Please help your child study their words as needed.  There will be a link at the bottom of this page for accessing Spelling City games for each lesson.  This is an excellent study tool for practicing spelling words at home.

If your child receives a 14 or higher on their spelling pretest, they will be considered a Challenge Speller and given challenge words for the week.  They will then be tested on their challenge words; however, their grade for the test will be calculated based on the higher of the two (the pretest or the actual test).  The challenge words are simply meant to enrich those who already know the weekly spelling words.

Lesson 16 Words

  1. word
  2. girl
  3. burn
  4. work
  5. hurt
  6. verse
  7. purse
  8. clerk
  9. earth
  10. perfect
  11. first
  12. pearl
  13. answer
  14. person
  15. thirsty

Challenge Words

  1. creature
  2. uncurled
  3. curtain
  4. mixture
  5. return
  6. unfurled
  7. curtail
  8. thirteen
  9. perfection
  10. versus