New spelling words will be given weekly. Students receive new spelling words on Monday, unless students are not in school due to scheduled days off. In the event of four day weeks, students will still receive new spelling words.

Spelling homework consists of six different assignment choices. Students are responsible for choosing three of these assignments to be completed during the week. The goal of this assignment is to encourage students to study their words. This assignment also focuses on responsibility, as each to student must decide whether they want to do all three in one night or one each night. Whether it is completed in one night, or over a few nights, Spelling Homework is due every Friday.

Spelling Homework Options:

  1. Create tree words for 15 spelling words.
  2. Create a sentence for 15 words.
  3. Write each word 3 times.
  4. Define/describe 10 words.
  5. Write a synonym for each word.
  6. Find 10 words while reading. Record where you found the word.

Current Spelling Words: