This Week in Room 6…Week of January 31st

This Week in Room 6…

Tuesday, February 1st – Library Instruction with Mrs. Paules – Book Exchange is now being incorporated into our Library Instruction time, so please be sure to send your child’s library book back to school.  There are already some in the return bin, so it is possible they may have already returned it.

We will also be taking our mid-module assessment for Module 2 in Eureka Math tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 2nd – Art with Miss Fasnacht

Thursday, February 3rd – Physical Education with Mr. McCabe.  Remember to wear sneakers!

Friday, February 4th – Music with Miss Brennan.  We will also be taking the Fundations Lesson Five Spelling Test today.  Report cards will also be available online via Sapphire after 4:00 pm on Friday.

Looking Ahead…

Monday, February 14th – Valentine’s Day.  We will be having a very informal celebration.  I will be sending a list of student names home later this week, if your child would want to exchange Valentine’s with the other students in the classroom.  Exchanging cards is a completely optional activity.

Friday, February 18th – Early Dismissal.  Elementary students will be dismissed at 1:30.

Monday, February 21st – President’s Day.  No school.

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This Week in Room 6…

It’s a short week this week!  (And even shorter now that I am sending this at the end of the day!)

Wednesday, January 19 – Our last day of Technology/Applied Engineering with Miss Mammas.  Starting next week, we will have Library Instruction with Mrs. Paules in place of Technology.

Thursday, January 20th – Book Exchange.  Please be sure your child has their library book to return.  Also, our special today is Art with Miss Fasnacht*

Friday, January 21st – In-Service – no school for students.

*The only change in our specials schedule is we will no longer have Technology/Applied Engineering for the second half of the year.  The other specials – Music, Art and Physical Education – remain the same.

Since this is such a short week, there is no assigned spelling list.  A new list will be sent home Monday.

Looking ahead…

Thursday, January 20th is the end of the second marking period.  This school year is just about half over!

Thursday, January 27th – Eshleman Skating Party – click here for more details:

Friday, January 28th – Early Dismissal (K-12) – Elementary students will be dismissed at 1:30pm.

Monday, January 31st – the Eshleman Spirit Wear store closes.  Click on link for more details.

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Room 6 Updates

Tomorrow – Thursday, January 6th – is Book Exchange.  Please be sure your child has their library book in their backpack to return to the library.  Some students have already placed their book in the return bin but please check with your child so that they are able to check another book out tomorrow.  Our special for Thursday is Art.

Friday, January 7th is a PM Pride/House Celebration Day.  This will be the first opportunity for students to wear their house t-shirt that they received earlier this week.

There will be no spelling test this week, nor will there be any guided reading homework.  I typically use this time as an opportunity to review the expected behaviors and expectations of the classroom.  We usually do so at the beginning of the year, but the return from winter break and the arrival of a new student to our classroom provides the opportunity to introduce and review what is expected in our classroom.  We have identified things we do well and other knowledge and skills that we would like to improve upon this year and will discuss additional social skills that will benefit us as individuals and friends.  A spelling list will be assigned for next week (the week of January 10th) but guided reading groups will probably not resume until the week of January 18th (Monday, January 17th is a holiday) while I perform reading assessments in preparation for second marking period report cards.

On Monday, the district notified all parents via email with an update regarding school closing notifications.  I have included a link to the information in case you did not see it.  In addition, we as teachers were asked to send student computers home a daily basis, in the event plans change on short notice. Therefore, you should have seen your child bringing their computer home each day.  If there are assignments to be completed on their computer, I will let you know; otherwise, they do not even have to take their computers out of their bags if you would prefer that they don’t.  They are expected to bring their computers back with them each day in case we need to use them in school.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask!

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This Week in Room 6…

Tuesday, December 14th

  • Holiday Shoppe – This is a change from the original date.  We will be shopping tomorrow (Tuesday) instead of Wednesday.  Please be sure to send any money in an envelope with a list of who they are to shop for and how much they are to spend on each person.  An envelope was sent home last week with the information; however, if you do not have that envelope, any type of envelope will do.
  • Physical Education with Mr. McCabe – please remember to wear sneakers!

Wednesday, December 15th

  • I will be out today (my youngest son is getting his wisdom teeth removed!) so there will be a substitute in for me.
  • Music with Miss Brennan

Thursday, December 16th

  • Applied Engineering with Miss Mammas

Friday, December 17th

  • Book Exchange – please make sure your child has their library book to return since this will be the last book exchange until the New Year.
  • Art with Miss Fasnacht

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  Have a GREAT week!

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This Week in Room 6…

What’s Happening This Week in Room 6

Tuesday, December 7th – Day C – Book Exchange

If your child has not already returned their library book, please be sure to send it with them in their backpack.

The students completed another Mr. Potato Head and chose having lunch in the classroom as their reward, so we will be celebrating this achievement today!

We will also be taking our Module 1 Assessment in Math.

Wednesday, December 8th – Day D – Physical Education

Please be sure to wear your sneakers!

Thursday, December 9th – Day A – Music

This will also be Miss Dominguez’ last day with us.  We send congratulations to both she and Mrs. Chura as they celebrate their graduation from Millersville University this weekend.

Friday, December 10th – Day B – Applied Engineering

We will be taking the Lesson 2/Week 2 spelling test.  Challenge lists will be provided starting next week (Lesson 3/Week 1) for those students whose parents I spoke to at conferences.

I have attached a link to the Eshleman Blog Post – “Warm Up with Some Winter Fun” so your child can join in on some winter spirit days this month.

Also attached is a link to information regarding volunteering for our upcoming Holiday Shoppe.  More information about the actual shopping will be coming home tomorrow in your child’s Mickey folder. 

As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

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You can really eat the grass?

Just like in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, yes, you can really eat the grass – along with the water, the mountains, the islands, the volcano – and the lava too! Miss Dominguez taught about landforms this week, and to wrap up the unit, the students designed and built edible landforms! We learned about a number of different types of landforms and what specifically made each landform different from all the rest. Students had to correctly label the landforms on their plates and then identify what made each of them unique. Although they had lots of fun building their final projects, I am sure some of them had as much fun eating them as well! And yes, Mr. Heiney may or may not have taken some of the Swedish fish that never made it onto a paper plate…

Edible landforms
Edible Landforms – 10/28/21
Edible Landforms – 10/28/21
Edible Landforms – 10/28/21
Edible Landforms – 10/28/21
Edible Landforms – 10/28/21

Edible Landforms – 10/28/21
Edible Landforms – 10/28/21
Edible Landforms – 10/28/21
Edible Landforms – 10/28/21
Edible Landforms – 10/28/21
Edible Landforms – 10/28/21

Edible Landforms – 10/28/21
Edible Landforms – 10/28/21
Edible Landforms – 10/28/21

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Mr. Potato Head is Complete!

Good afternoon! I just wanted to share with you that our school participated in the Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill today. Dr. Cox made an announcement on the PA system that this was simply a drill and provided instructions for students to follow in the event that an earthquake would occur while at school. Students practiced getting under their desks and holding on to the desk legs as a means of protection should things be falling around them. We then proceeded to practice our monthly evacuation (formerly known as fire) drill by exiting the building and lining up outside. When we returned to the classroom, there were lots of questions regarding earthquakes and although I feel I did my best to listen, empathize with the questions and address any concerns, your child may still have lingering questions or concerns regarding today’s drill. If your child should ask you about earthquakes, please know this is where those questions or concerns originated. Below is a link to the Great ShakeOut website:

Because of how well they followed directions during the entire drill exercise, they earned another potato head piece. After lunch, Dr. Garvey complimented everyone as we walked quietly back to the classroom, which in turn earned the last Mr. Potato Head piece needed for their reward. As a result, tomorrow (Friday) will be Bring Your Stuffie to School Day. Your child is allowed to bring 1 stuffed animal to school with them tomorrow. As I explained to them when they chose this reward, they can only bring one animal and it must be small enough to fit in their backpack (I’ve learned from experience to include that minor detail when choosing this reward!). Their stuffed animal will be allowed to remain on the desk for as long as it does not become a distraction. They will receive one warning if I feel it is causing them to not pay attention; if I must tell them a second time, the stuffie will be placed in their backpack for the remainder of the day. I am hoping that everyone is able to keep their stuffed animal on their desk for the whole day!

Can’t wait to see what they choose as their next reward!

Mr. Potato Head is complete!
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This Week in Room 6…

Monday – Spirit Day – Wear Your PJs to School – Students are welcome to wear their pajamas to school today.  Pajamas must be school appropriate.  If your child wears slippers, they must bring sneakers to wear on the playground and during physical education.

Special – Physical Education

Tuesday – Special – Music

Wednesday – Special – Applied Engineering

Thursday – Special – Art

Friday – Special – Physical Education  and Lesson Six Spelling Test

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Next Week in Room 6…

Hello all!  There is one assignment for your child to complete this weekend in SeeSaw.  They are to take a picture (using their laptop camera) of their favorite toy and write one sentence about why it is their favorite toy.

Please remember to place their charger in the computer bag along with their laptop and return to school on Tuesday.

Here is a look at our schedule for next week:

Monday, October 11th – No School

Tuesday, October 12th – Day D – Physical Education (please wear sneakers!)

Wednesday, October 13th – Day A – Music and School Picture Day*

Thursday, October 14th – Day B – Applied Engineering

Friday, October 15th – Day C – Art , Lesson Five Spelling Test and Book Exchange

Mrs. Chura’s last day with us as a Student Teacher will be this Thursday, October 14th.  She has been a tremendous help in our classroom so far this year, and we will miss her as she moves on to her next student teaching assignment before graduating in December.  Our next student teacher, Miss Dominguez, will start in our classroom on Monday, October 18th.

*If you would like to place an order for pictures, you may do so online at with the Picture Day ID of EVTHBZW8S.

Enjoy your three day weekend!

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This Week in Room 6…

Monday, September 20th – Lesson 1 Spelling Test Special – Music

Tuesday, September 21st – Special – Applied Engineering

Wednesday, September 22nd – Book Exchange* Special – Art

Thursday, September 23rd – Special – Physical Education – wear sneakers!

Friday, September 24th – Lesson 2 Spelling Test Special – Music

*This is our first time for Book Exchange. Students will select a book to bring home and then return it in 8 days. Reason for 8 days? We have book exchange every other day C. (Don’t worry – I will try my best to remind you. Even I have trouble keeping it straight!)

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