Room 6 Updates

Tomorrow – Thursday, January 6th – is Book Exchange.  Please be sure your child has their library book in their backpack to return to the library.  Some students have already placed their book in the return bin but please check with your child so that they are able to check another book out tomorrow.  Our special for Thursday is Art.

Friday, January 7th is a PM Pride/House Celebration Day.  This will be the first opportunity for students to wear their house t-shirt that they received earlier this week.

There will be no spelling test this week, nor will there be any guided reading homework.  I typically use this time as an opportunity to review the expected behaviors and expectations of the classroom.  We usually do so at the beginning of the year, but the return from winter break and the arrival of a new student to our classroom provides the opportunity to introduce and review what is expected in our classroom.  We have identified things we do well and other knowledge and skills that we would like to improve upon this year and will discuss additional social skills that will benefit us as individuals and friends.  A spelling list will be assigned for next week (the week of January 10th) but guided reading groups will probably not resume until the week of January 18th (Monday, January 17th is a holiday) while I perform reading assessments in preparation for second marking period report cards.

On Monday, the district notified all parents via email with an update regarding school closing notifications.  I have included a link to the information in case you did not see it.  In addition, we as teachers were asked to send student computers home a daily basis, in the event plans change on short notice. Therefore, you should have seen your child bringing their computer home each day.  If there are assignments to be completed on their computer, I will let you know; otherwise, they do not even have to take their computers out of their bags if you would prefer that they don’t.  They are expected to bring their computers back with them each day in case we need to use them in school.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask!

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