Fun with Agriculture

The students were busy, busy, busy this week learning a LOT about agriculture this week! For the first time, we had a mobile ag classroom parked right out front of the school. Each class was able to go into the lab to learn about different topics related in some way to agriculture. The third graders were very lucky to visit the lab twice! While we were there, we learned how crayons are made from soybeans. Students were able to compare Prang (a soybean crayon) to Crayola (a crayon made from petroleum). They learned why a crayon made from soybeans would be better for the environment as it is a renewable resource. The students were even able to take a crayon home with them that was made right in the lab!


The second time in the lab they learned things that a tree can tell us just by looking at it. Students learned about the different layers of a tree and created a model of it. Then, they examined a tree’s core sample to figure out how old the tree is as well as how many wet and dry seasons it had during its lifetime. Most of the students found that their tree was about 65 years old!






In addition, the students took part in a program called Ag in the Classroom which is experienced by all third graders in the district. Local farmers come to talk to the students about how they earn a living. Students were able to hear more about hog, poultry, sheep, fruit and dairy farming. Ask your child to share some of the things they learned with you. Also, ask about the ‘special guests’ that each farmer brought along with them for us to meet!

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