Welcome Back!

Hope you are ready for a great year in third grade! Get ready to learn a lot. You should have received information about our classroom from me in the mail. Here are some other things to keep in mind for the first day.

The following is a list of supplies that are not mandatory, but helpful to bring along with you if you are able.

Helpful supplies:

pencil box with name on it

2 or 3  #2 pencils

pencil tip erasers

crayons (16 pack)

glue stick

black expo marker (low odor please!)

red pen

box of tissues, disinfectant wipes (not baby wipes), and liquid soap (no hand sanitizer please)

Helpful information:

Visit my virtual classroom by clicking on the moodle link!

Lunch prices have increased by $0.10 this year, to $2.25. Milk will continue to be $0.60.
The first day lunch is:
A Lunch – Hot Diggity Dog/Roll
Sweet Potato Crisscuts
Steamed Corn
Baked Sun Chips
Chilled Assorted Fruit
Choice of Milk
B Lunch – Hamburger/Roll
C Lunch – Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich and String Cheese
D Lunch – Yogurt & String Cheese

Cycle Day Schedule:

Day 1: 21st Century Skills/Technology

Day 2: Physical Education (Wear sneakers!)

Day 3: Physical Education (Wear sneakers!)

Day 4: Book Exchange

Day 5: Art

Day 6: Music

Enjoy these last few days of summer vacation! I can’t wait to see your ME posters and work with you this year:o)

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