Fun with Map Skills

We are nearing the end of our unit on map skills. Throughout the unit, students have been learning a lot about the world around them. Globe, map, atlas, compass rose, map key, map scale, and global address are some of the key concepts we have been learning about. Yesterday, we talked about how the Earth is divided into hemispheres. The Equator, a line of latitude, divides the Earth into northern and southern hemispheres. While the Prime Meridian, a line of longitude, divides the Earth into eastern and western hemispheres. The students were able to see that our continent, North America, can be found in the northern and western hemisphere. To make it easier to visualize, we marked the Equator and Prime Meridian on an orange (the Earth). Then, we cut the orange in order to show the hemispheres (half of Earth). At the end of our lesson, each student was able to enjoy half of a hemisphere (1/4 of the “Earth”)  🙂

Study guides for this unit will be sent home today. Look for a map quiz in which students will need to locate continents and oceans coming on Friday, and the end of unit test on Tuesday of next week! 

oranges1 oranges2

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