Classroom Goals and Friendship Fruit Salad

With the holidays quickly approaching, things can get pretty hectic within the classroom. There is a flurry of work to wrap up and concepts that need to be taught. Students (and teachers too!) often get caught up in the excitement of the season and find it hard to stay focused and give our best effort throughout the remaining days as we eagerly await some much deserved time off. This week, Friday in particular, was pretty challenging for many of the students. The students and I had a conversation about our classroom and goals for the time while we are at school. We reviewed our 3 school rules : Think safety first; Use time wisely; Be kind and respectful to others. I have challenged each of them to think about how they can contribute in order to make our classroom an awesome place to grow and learn as we are all part of the same team. Also, we talked a little about our strengths and weaknesses. As we head into next week, I plan to solidify some concrete goals as well as a plan we can use to successfully reach them. Above all, I want the students to understand that I genuinely care about each of them and stand in their corner every day cheering them on to success. Let’s go team Fellenbaum!


Please enjoy the pictures from our making of friendship fruit salad. I had thought I had posted these earlier, only to realize today I had not. This was such a great experience and shows the awesome things we can do when we focus and work together! Thank you for sending fruit in for this activity and your continued support throughout the year. I simply cannot do it alone!


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