Important Information

Menu Information for this week – The flex day meal for next Tuesday 10/10 is going to be Fish Sticks and the Brunch for lunch meal for Wednesday 10/11 will be Pancakes.

We have physical education on Tuesday; be sure to wear sneakers!!!

Remember to bring in your boxtops as the PTO will be collecting and counting them on Friday, October 13th!

There is no school for students on Friday, October 20th.

Our field trip to Cherry Crest Farm is Tuesday, October 24th with a rain date of Monday, November 1st. Look for more information to come as we get closer to that date!

Teamwork is Key!

     In our classroom, we have been working really hard to work together as a team. Students are encouraged to be positive role models for one another knowing that we are all working toward the same goal…learning. Throughout the month of September, we have taken time to embrace the process of learning. I have pointed out to the students that mistakes are necessary in order for learning to take place. We have spent time talking about continuing to try our best and remaining positive even when things get difficult. One powerful video that I have shown this month is of a gymnast performing a balance beam routine. In the video, she nearly falls off at the end of her routine. However, she fights through and stays on! Many students did not even notice her error as she stayed composed through the fight. A challenge has been put to the students to try to keep that mindset as we move throughout the year. Even though things may not come easily and might not be perfect, we need to work hard and ALWAYS try our best.

In order for us to be successful in the classroom, I need your support for our team at home. When faced with something difficult, whether school related or not, try to remind your child to stay as positive as possible. It may be easy to say, “That’s okay. I wasn’t great at math either” or “I don’t understand this new math that you are doing.” Instead, encourage your child to try his/her best and come to me with questions. Just as you would encourage them as they play a sport or participate in a leisure activity, I ask for that same type of encouragement when it comes to academics. Your support with homework is crucial. While things may look different than how you learned them, do your best to be supportive as your child works through it. We have talked about the fact that there are many ways to solve problems, and the more tools that we can have in our toolbox of strategies the better. Please if you have questions, ASK! I’m here to help.

Thank you for your support in your child’s education!


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