Tuesday Writing Challenge

Good morning third graders! I am taking a college class this week and was challenged to write about a ‘slice of life’ every Tuesday. I wanted to put this challenge out to all of you. As you are enjoying your summer, take a few minutes (5-10) each Tuesday to write about the things you are doing. Are you enjoying time at the pool? Have you gone on a vacation? Did you read a book outside? Ask a parent to snap a photo of your writing and email it to me (heather.fellenbaum@pennmanor.net) as I would LOVE to see your writing 🙂

Here is my slice of life for today – I chose to write a poem.

What is summer?

Summer is lazy mornings with an extra cup of coffee.

Summer is messy ice cream cones dripping down the hands of my little boys.

Summer is watching my little fishes in my sister’s pool.

Summer is trips to the zoo with faces that stare in amazement.

Summer is relaxed schedules.

Summer is juicy watermelon and sticky s’mores.

Summer is much needed time with my boys to watch them learn and grow.

Summer is my FAVORITE!

Do you like summer?

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