Important Information

Please be sure to check your child’s folder for field trip information that was sent home today. Our field trip is scheduled for Tuesday, October 22nd with Monday, October 28th as a rain date. Once all of the forms are filled out (be sure to check the front and the back!), please place everything, including the money, in an envelope marked with your child’s name and return it to school. Forms and money are due by October 4th.

Weekly envelopes are coming home with your child’s work inside. Please initial or sign this envelope each week to show that you have seen and reviewed the items inside with your child. This is crucial in helping keep you informed about how your child is doing in the classroom.

Behavior calendars are located in the back of your child’s home folder. These are used in order to help communicate between school and home as to how well your child is following our classroom code of conduct. Please initial at the end of each week to show that you have seen your child’s point totals for that week. Students need to earn at least 10 points to participate in our Fun Friday activities that we do with the other third-grade class every other week. Signing the calendar each week allows you to see if/when your child may be missing a Fun Friday activity. Thank you for your continued support at home with your child’s education!

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