Week of September 14, 2020

Hi 4P Families! I hope that you are all doing well and enjoying your weekend! We had another fabulous week last week! The students are working so, so hard, and we are covering so much each day! The small groups not only allow us to practice safe social distancing, but they allow me to really connect with each learner. As a result, we are able to move faster, dig deeper into what we are learning, as well as cover a lot of material when we are together.

The students are enjoying their small group recess time. The students are also doing a fantastic job with making sure that their computers are fully charged and ready to go when they arrive to school each day! Thank you! I’m also very proud of how hard so many of our friends are working on “At Home” learning assignments! This is FANTASTIC!

I’ve tried to cover some questions about the upcoming week below, but please don’t hesitate to email me with any other questions that you may have. Thank YOU for all of your support! We are a team, and I truly value your support! Have a fabulous week!

Question 1: How long should my child be working on “At Home” learning assignments on each “At Home” learning day?

Each subject area/assignment being provided should take 45 min. to 60 min. each on an “At Home” learning day, specials should take 30 minutes.  Because students are working on their laptops for awhile, please encourage your child to take some breaks when working. We encourage students to watch all of the videos/follow the lessons completely in order so that assignments are completed.

Question 2: How does attendance work on “At Home” learning days?

All students need to fill out the attendance form (in our Google Classroom) by 9:30 am each day. In order to be marked,”Present,” students need to have completed their online attendance form and have completed all of their “At Home” learning assignments for each day. All assignments are due 2 days from when they are posted. Students are responsible for assignments for the special they are currently participating in at the time. For our class, ART. Please email Mrs. Compton for specific questions regarding these assignments. 

Question 3: Where are this week’s “At Home” learning assignments?

Beginning this week, all “At Home” learning assignments can be found in Google Classroom. Students were told to look for the house 🏠 emoji with the corresponding weekly dates.

Question 4: How will my child/I know what the “At Home” assignments are for the week?

At the top of the assignment list, there is an “At Home” learning agenda. This should be a reference for completing all “At Home” assignments for the week. Feel free to print it out if you’d like, it makes a great checklist. 4th grade is asking parents/guardians to continue to sign the paper reading logs (found in your child’s homework folder) for the “Read for 20 minutes” assignment listed on this agenda.

Question 5: How much should my child be reading?

Your child should be reading at least 20 minutes on “At Home” learning days. In addition, your child should be reading 20 minutes every other day and at least once over the weekend (This could include Friday night). Please sign your child’s reading log to indicate that the reading was completed. This reading log also ties into attendance for “At Home” learning days.

Question 6: What happens on Wednesdays?

On Wednesdays, our whole class will participate in synchronous learning through a Google Meet. I will post a Google Meet link in our Google Classroom a few minutes before 9:00 AM. Your child should click this link found at the top of our Google Classroom (It will show up in the green space by my name in our Google Classroom. Again, a few minutes before 9:00 AM). We will work together synchronously on Wednesday mornings. I mentioned to the students that this is school, but from a different setting. Attendance for Wednesday is taken based on attending the Google Meet.

Question 7: What should my child have with them when joining the Google Meet?

Your child will want to make sure that their laptop is fully charged. It would be helpful for students to have paper, pencils with an eraser and/or dry erase markers and a white board. Basically, something to write with and on for our lessons. In the future, students will be asked to have a calculator with them as well.