Week of February 15, 2021

Hi 4P Families! Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope that you are all having a nice weekend! Thank you for helping us to have a special treat on Friday with our valentines exchange. The students were SO excited to participate in this fun elementary school tradition! Thank you for my treats as well!

*Supplies – Many students are running low or have exhausted their supply of glue sticks and dry erase markers. We use these things daily! If you are able to check in with your 4th grader to see if he/she could use some replacements, that would be fabulous! Thank you for your help!

**Virtual Assembly – Last week, the students watched a virtual assembly on Growth Mindset. Due to the virtual snow day, yo-you sales are being extended to Tuesday. The form is below.

Math – We continue to work on adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators. Numbers bonds are yet another way to help students take improper fractions and turn them into mixed numbers. This is a short chapter, so we will have our test coming up soon. Many students are doing a fabulous job on their spiral review homework. This homework is so important in the spiral review of skills. While I would expect 4th graders to complete their homework independently, feel free to have your 4th grader share his/her homework with you! It would be great practice for your 4th grader to quickly “talk through” some of the math homework problems.

ELA – We will continue to make inferences and draw conclusions with some practice activities and through our TDA prompt. The students are really growing in their ability to quickly draft two column notes and with turning the two column notes into a five paragraph essay. This unit on inferences has helped students to dig deeper with their inferences and analysis of TDA prompts too!

*The students took their spelling test in Google Classroom on Friday. Your 4th grader can either go to the spelling test assignment itself to see their score or feel free to check Sapphire! I love that so many students choose to complete challenge words. Challenge words can only help grades. Each challenge word is work 1 percentage point.

*I sent some spelling sentences home with spelling words this week. This week’s words include singular and plural possessives. We have learned about both in grammar. I explained to students that they will have to be able to spell and correctly identify which of the spellings to use within the context of a sentence when taking their spelling test on Friday.

Content – We will learn learn about circuits this week!

This week:

Monday – Presidents’ Day (No School)

Friday – Spelling Test

Looking Ahead:

Friday, March 5 – 1:30 Early Dismissal

Friday, March 19th – Weather Make-Up Day (School is IN SESSION!)

Thursday, April 1 – Weather Make-Up Day (School is IN SESSION!)

Monday, April 5 – Weather Make-Up Day (School is IN SESSION!)