Daily Archives: April 19, 2021

Week of April 18, 2021

Hi 4P Families! I hope that you had a fantastic weekend! I need your help with two quick things! In recent weeks, many students are coming to school with computers that aren’t charged for our school day. Also, some students are running out of glue sticks. We use both computers and glue sticks frequently, thank you for your help. Here is a look at our week ahead!

Math – We will continue with our geometry unit. Geoboards, Math-er-cise activities and Google Classroom activities are helping us to learn so much!

ELA – We will begin a unit on poetry, prose and drama. We will be digging deeper into each genre with a variety of reading passages.

Content – We will continue to learn about Pennsylvania Government this week.

This week:

Friday – 1:30 Early Dismissal

Friday – Spelling Test

Looking Ahead:

Tuesday, May 4 – ELA PSSA Testing

Wednesday, May 5 – ELA PSSA Testing

Thursday, May 6 – ELA PSSA Testing

Monday, May 10 – Math PSSA Testing

Tuesday, May 11 – Math PSSA Testing

Wednesday, May 12 – Science PSSA Testing

Thursday, May 13 – Science PSSA Testing

Friday, May 14 – Early Dismissal