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From the District Healthroom: When to keep your child home from school – Screening Guidelines

Prior to coming to school each day, families should screen their student(s) for any symptoms that could indicate a health concern. This practice serves to protect students and staff. Should there be any concern about symptoms that may appear to be indicators of COVID-19, please contact your school nurse. Any students that do not feel well should stay home for 48 hours. If you are keeping your child home for illness, please contact the school nurse.

Is your student experiencing any of the following?
Category A (1 or more symptoms):
● Cough *
● Shortness of breath
● Difficulty breathing
● New olfactory disorder (loss of smell)
● New taste disorder

Category B (2 or more symptoms):
● Fever (100.4 or higher)**
● Sore throat
● Runny nose/congestion
● Chills
● Muscle pain
● Nausea or vomiting **
● Headache
● Diarrhea **
● Fatigue

Your student should stay home for 48 hours if your student:
● Has one or more symptoms from Category A OR
● Has two or more symptoms from Category B OR
● Are taking fever-reducing medication.

*Some children, such as those with asthma, may cough normally. A child should stay home if they have a new or different cough.
** As always, if your child has just a fever (100.4 or higher), vomiting, or diarrhea, we
recommend keeping them home from school. These can be symptoms of COVID-19, but they can also be caused by any other common illnesses that children could spread at school.

In school, if your student presents with one symptom from Category A or two symptoms from Category B, he/she will be sent home for a minimum of 48 hours with additional instructions by the school nurse as necessary.

If your student or any member of your household is being tested for COVID 19 please notify your school nurse. Click the Contact Us link for contact information.