Blended Learning Schedule

**Students are divided into two groups and will attend school two days a week — Monday and Tuesday (Group A) or Thursday and Friday (Group B) — in small classes. For the days that students will attend in person, they will follow the regular school schedule.

**On the two days they are not in school, students will work independently online on classroom assignments provided by their teachers. On Wednesdays, all students will participate in live online instruction led by their teachers (please see schedule below).

**All instruction will be developed and delivered by classroom teachers. Students should expect to work 45 minutes to an hour per subject area/class per day. Attendance for the online days will be based on the completion of assignments. Due to the Labor Day holiday, modifications to the Blended Learning schedule will be made for the first two weeks of school. 

Week of August 31: students in Group A will attend school on Monday and Wednesday. Students in Group B will attend school on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Week of September 7: Group A students will attend school on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Group B students will attend school on Thursday and Friday. 

Wednesday schedules (First virtual Wednesday is September 16, 2020)

8:20-9:00: Planning; teacher office hours by appointment
9:00-9:15      Check-in
9:15-10:15    ELA
10:30-11:30  Math
12:00-3:45    Collaborative planning; teacher office hours by appointment.