2012 Diet Literacy in Foods and Nutrition Course

Resources for The Diet Literacy project for AAFCS Conference Attendees/Curriculum Showcase:



Read the Picture

Project Rubric

Learning Zone Lesson Plans


Chef Research Book Jackets:

Chef Selections

Chef Assessment

Non-Fiction Book Project:

Reading Strategies

Project Outline

Diet Literacy Non Fiction Reading Texts

Book Report

Article Reviews:

Wiener War Article

Vitamin D

Vitamin D Article

Texting taking a toll

Texting Article


Teens & Sleep Article

Summarization Sheet

Poultry Article

Milk & Athletes

Men Shopping

Men & Grocery Shopping

Meals a Family Affair Article

Kids and Cholesterol

Kids & Cholesterol Article

Food Safety Tips Q’s

Food Safety Article

FCS Reading Analysis – Hot Dog

Eating Poultry

Food Color Article

Cartoon Meaning

Breakfast History

Artificial Food Colors Article

Family Meals

Summarization sheet


Lancaster New Era Review

Foods Article Review Form

 Other Resources:

Journal for Essential Questions

Independent Reading Assessment

Foods Project Rubric