Student placement in higher level Family and Consumer Sciences classes will be based on the following criteria, unless specifically stated in the course description:

  • Successful completion of an introductory or previous level class with a minimum grade of 70%.
  • Determining grade will not include grading categories that do not reflect assessment, such as homework or extra credit.
  • Performance on local assessments, such as midterms and final exams.
  • Participation in class activities
  • Teacher recommendation

FCS Skills    630

Grade 9

This course will include a variety of learning experiences in Family & Consumer Sciences. Areas of study will include food and nutrition, child care and development, personal finance, consumer skills, teen issues and career pathways.  Students will be able to complete all of the freshman graduation project requirements (except for freshman volunteer service hours) in this course.

Living on Your Own    632

Grade 11, 12

This course is designed to introduce students to the skills and abilities necessary for living on your own. Areas of study include earning and managing money, setting up a place to live, planning and preparing meals, clothing care, consumer skills, child care and personal development. 

Child Development    623

Grade 10, 11, 12

This course focuses on preparation for child care, careers related to children or parenthood. Students will study the functions of families, and parenting skills. The course includes information from prenatal development through school aged children with an emphasis on stages of growth and development of children. Units on toys, safety, and nutritious foods will also be included.

Foods and Nutrition    621

Grade 10, 11, 12

This course provides practical activities in the classroom and foods lab to promote knowledge of nutrition, foods and their preparations techniques. The course combines food safety, consumer strategies, personal nutrition, kitchen skills, current topical issues, and MyPyramid and the food groups. A lab fee will be charged. 

Advanced Foods and Nutrition    622

Grade 11, 12

This course is a sequel to Food & Nutrition and further explores techniques and principles of food preparation. A primary objective of the course is to develop the skills used in planning and preparing nutritious meals as well as making good decisions when purchasing foods. Studies include bread making, vegetarianism, cake decorating, soups and salads. A second objective of the course is to increase students’ awareness, enjoyment and creativity through an understanding of international foods and their cultural significance, nutritive value, unique flavors and attractive appearance. A lab fee will be charged. 

Housing and Interiors    624   (Currently not offered)

Grade 10, 11, 12

This course provides students with an opportunity to learn and apply the various design elements used in interior design. Students will learn about different housing styles, floor plans, furniture arrangements, color schemes and accessories used in the home. Students will need to supply some materials for this course.  

Fashion and Design    625

Grade 10, 11, 12

This course is designed for students who have an interest in fabrics, fabric crafts, and clothing construction. Students will work in the sewing lab to complete a variety of projects of their choosing, determined by their experience and interests. Students will have the use of several new computerized sewing machines. Projects may include fabric crafts, patchwork and quilting, machine embroidery, as well as the construction of garments. Students need to provide some materials for class projects. A small lab fee will be charged for some of the supplies available in the classroom. 

Advanced Fashion and Design    626

Grade 11, 12

This course is designed as a continuation of Textile Arts. Students are encouraged to develop advanced skills as they work on sewing projects and garment construction. Students taking Advanced Textile Arts are required to complete more challenging projects as they develop their machine and construction skills. Students need to provide some materials for class projects. A small lab fee will be charged for some of the supplies available in the classroom. 

FCS Independent Study    627

Grade 12

Prerequisite: Department approval and completion of all courses in area of study with a minimum grade of “B”

This course is for seniors who are interested in a specific area of Family and Consumer Science. Course requirements will be determined by contract between student and instructor. Petition for independent study form must be completed. 

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