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Perhaps the most often repeated question by students in the history of teaching is “Why do we have to know this?”  As annoying as this question can be to a teacher, it’s one well worth a response.  Every teacher knows that not every fact stated in their classroom will be of use to every student during their lifetime.  It would be impossible to teach each student ONLY what they will need to know.  Over time, the facts we need in any given instance will vary, however the manner in which those facts are obtained and the degree to which they are utilized by individuals will essentially be the same.  Science is a way of thinking, a way of solving problems.  It’s a way of explaining our world through observation.  Here at PMHS, science teachers strive to lead our students to the point at which they will be able to figure things out for themselves.  We use multiple strategies to engage students to actively think and process information so it makes sense to them.  The science department at PMHS offers a multitude of science classes, including online classes, that will promote student growth as well as encourage them to think for themselves with the facts they’ve been given.  Later in life, these students will be able to better a situation based on this knowledge.  The science department promotes the idea of students becoming life-long learners.

Please feel free to view our course offerings in the Course Selection Guide available online on the High School’s website ( https://blogs.pennmanor.net/highschool/ ) under the For Students and Parents tab.

Also of interest may be our recommendations for courses students may take depending the their career goals.  These pathways can be viewed here.  https://sites.google.com/pennmanor.net/712sciencedeptpage/home 

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Science Department Web Page Update

The Science Department continues to update and enhance this page.  Teacher pages have been updated with relevant information and links to useful resources as of January 2018.  If you have any recommendations for the website, please leave a comment with your thoughts and we will be sure to consider them.

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