Biology is the study of living organisms.  Students generally take biology in their 10th grade year.  The main units in this course include an introduction to biological sciences, chemistry and biochemistry, cell structure and function, cell processes, molecular biology, genetics and ecology.

Starting during the 2014-15 school year, Biology became a PA Keystone course.  This means students are required to take an entry level Biology course and to achieve a minimum score on a state mandated achievement test.  A proficient score is a prerequisite to graduation.  Students not reaching a satisfactory level may be assigned to homeroom remediation, tutoring, and/or a remediation course.

Career Path students will take Biology as a year-long course in order to give them the time needed to better prepare themselves for the Keystone Exam in the spring.

Students who excel in science and mathematics and have a career interest in medicine or research are highly encouraged to take Advanced Placement Biology and/or Environmental Science.

Additional courses offered include Honors Biology II and Freshwater & Marine Ecology.

Teachers currently educating students in the Biology discipline are:

Mrs. Janna Ames

Ms. Katie Beaver

Mrs. Tonya Beck

Mrs. Hannah Crowther

Mr. Christopher Vrabel

Mrs. Kaca Wee


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