Earth Science

Earth Science teachers use the processes of Earth as a tool to promote student analytical skills as well as creativity.  Students are encouraged to think critically about how the Earth works and how its processes affect everyone on a global scale as well as individuals in a specific area.  Earth Science empowers students with knowledge of the world they will live in.

Students of the earth system sciences will study the physical properties of Earth and examine the interrelationships of the various systems of the hydrosphere, the geosphere, and the atmosphere.  In so doing, we will develop an understanding of our planet, its limited resources, and possible prospects for its future.

Topics of study in the Earth Science curriculum include, but are not limited to, Astronomy, Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Weathering and Erosion, Meteorology, Oceanography, Mountain Building, and Topographic Maps.

In addition, we offer an Open Campus Honors Astronomy course and a variety or 1/4 credit online courses for any interested students who meet the prerequisites.

Teachers currently educating students in Earth Science are:

Mr. David Bender

Mr. Bill Yarnell



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