Chemistry is the study of matter and how it changes. The students study the behavior of atoms to determine the physical and chemical properties of numerous elements, compounds and molecules. The students focus on the microlevel of matter (atoms) but then look at the macrolevel (compounds and molecules) of chemistry and how this turns into everyday products and medicine. The students then study how components and molecules react to each other during chemical reactions.

While studying chemistry, students will learn why fireworks produce various colors, how a lava lamp and a neon light work, why some cleaners work better than others, why jewelry is made of gold, platinum or silver, the importance of chromium (VI) and much more.

Additional Chemistry courses include Advanced Placement Chemistry, Honors Chemistry II,  and a Keystone remediation class called Keystone BioChem.

Teachers currently educating students in Chemistry are:

Mr. Kyle Bulicz

Mr. Brian Gormont

Mr. James McGlynn

Mrs. Mary Wittemann


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