All Elementary Orchestra

After-school Orchestra (2nd & 3rd year string players) continues on March 9 at Pequea!
PMEF awarded a Venture Grant for PM Elementary Orchestra to host Artist/Author-in-Residence, Mrs. Lavender, in 2020!
On March 9, March 23, and March 30 Mrs. Lavender will lead part of rehearsal and participate in the ensemble learning process with our musicians. Please make every effort to consistently attend rehearsals and experience all of the sequential progress that we are pursuing.

Please register online with this form: Orchestra Registration 2019-2020
We ask that you seriously consider carpooling to or from the rehearsal school so that as many students as possible can participate in our advanced group!

PM Elementary Orchestra Concert/Fest

Please read the PDF for dates, times, and who may participate. If you are only a member of your school’s String Ensemble, MS Orchestra, or HS Orchestra, then please register to participate. Here is the link to the Google Form for registration:

About Ms. Almoney

"With a toot, and a whistle, and a plunk, and a boom - that's where the music comes from..." I teach beginning through intermediate instrument lessons at Central Manor, Conestoga, Eshleman, Letort, and Martic. 25 years and going strong :)
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