Summer Practice Challenge!

Your instrument still works! Do you? Please don’t forget to show your instrument some love on a regular basis. We have 250,000 minutes of music to make before school starts in August. Please take the time to enter your information in the google form once a week or every time you practice. Updates on our progress will come every two-three weeks. Today, July 1, we are at 6213 minutes, but only 3 different students added all of the minutes for June. We need everyone!!!!

Here is the form, please fill it out regularly! PM Practice Record 2020

If you need assistance with tuning or solving a technical issue, please send an email to I will be happy to Google Meet with you! Enjoy summer, stay safe!!!

About Ms. Almoney

"With a toot, and a whistle, and a plunk, and a boom - that's where the music comes from..." I teach beginning through intermediate instrument lessons at Central Manor, Conestoga, Eshleman, Letort, and Martic. 25 years and going strong :)
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