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TUNER: Bandmate app for iPhone, iPad, or Kindle Fire

Musical instrument demonstrations for band instruments by the Army Field Band. Please find the sections you are interested in and watch those parts. Penn Manor beginners may choose Violin, Viola, ‘Cello, String Bass, Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone, Mallets, and Snare Drum. Here is a demonstration of all of the stringed instruments that students may learn at school. Remember that stringed instruments come in fractional sizes to fit the child and are exchanged with the rental company as the child grows.

Resource for helping to make the selection and answer some student questions… There are great pictures and sound clips for the instruments that are considered basic to the orchestra and band. Our school district does allow for beginning drummers and mallet players as distinct pursuits.

The Thunderer by John Philip Sousa was in the repertoire for the spring ’17, combined band concert. Learn about the composer and history of the piece here. Recordings are available here, too. I prefer the second one performed by the Army Band!

SmartMusic can be a great practice tool. Please consider a subscription for the year.

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Advanced Saxophone information and examples. The Saxophone Standard.

A host of websites that have been added by music teachers. MTNA