Avoid the “summer slide!”

Research supports the existence of the “summer slide.” Students often experience learning regression over the summer months. I hope to help you support your child in avoiding this by offering some suggestions and resources.

My recommendations include creating a manageable regiment that places emphasis on reading and possibly other types of practice. I highly recommend utilizing resources at the local public libraries. They even offer awesome incentive programs! One resource that I have found to be especially practical is the Free Library of Philadelphia. On their site you can remotely sign up for a library card and instantly have access to hundreds of ebooks and audiobooks! It’s too easy!

In addition to supporting your child in reading over the summer, there are many web-based resources that offer practice in math and other subjects. A few in particular, Khan Academy, Prodigy, and Freckle, give students access to math practice that can be fun and engaging. These resources can be used to stay sharp on 5th grade content already learned, or even to gain exposure to 6th grade skills ahead of the upcoming school year.

Most importantly, I would like students to capitalize on the opportunity to enjoy time with family, rest, and experience an adventure or two!

Click here to gain access to a hyperlinked document outlining some of the resources I’ve shared and more!

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