Weekly Wrap-Up (9/3-9/6)

Race for Education is coming October 4th! Please see separate blog post for more information.

Friday Folders are coming home today for the first time this year. My intention is to utilize these folders to send home most graded assignments. Please take the time to review any assignments sent home, and respond by dating and signing the sheet located in the pocket on the left-hand side of the folder. Students are expected to return these folders at the start of the following week. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Looking back:

Throughout the past week students continued making progress in math, while exploring place value concepts. We are getting close to the end of the first chapter! In Science, we are working to make connections to the world around us by learning about plant and animal cells. We wrapped up our first spelling and vocabulary lessons, and even completed our first Grammar topic (Types of Sentences). Students expanded their understanding of story plots, as we dove into plot diagrams. The students were most excited to begin using a kid-friendly coding site, called Scratch. I look forward to utilizing this tool to help students express their learning in new ways!

Looking ahead:

Students were given their Lesson 2 Spelling list. Our test will be on Friday, 9/13.

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