Weekly Wrap-Up (9/9-9/13)

Looking back:

Early in the week, students took a web-based, diagnostic English Language Arts assessment (CDT). This assessment provides us teachers valuable data, that we use to meet the unique needs of our students. This week, students also wrapped up Chapter 1 (Place Value) in our math curriculum. On Wednesday, we recognized Patriot’s Day, and had broad discussions about the tragic events that took place on 9/11/01. In addition to completing our second spelling list of the year, students advanced their understanding of grammar topics as we discussed and practiced subjects/predicates. In science, we deepened our understanding of plant and animal cells through a fun CSI activity. Ask them about it!

Looking ahead:

Monday – Math CDT

Tuesday – Phys. Ed. (wear sneakers!)

Wednesday – Security Drill (letter about this will be sent home Monday), Cell Unit Projects due

Friday – Lesson 3 Spelling homework due/test

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