Weekly Wrap-Up (1/14-1/17)

Looking back:

Things in our classroom are back to full speed after recently returning from Winter break. We’ve just begun the second half of our math curriculum, and also took our math CDTs (Classroom Diagnostic Tools). The CDT assessment gives a “snapshot” of where our students are performing with grade-level concepts and standards. The results help us here at CM better target individual student needs. Our class just wrapped up a Revolutionary War unit with Mrs. Loreto and will shift back to Science. We recently took a CDT assessment in Reading, to help evaluate reading skill proficiencies of each student. Also in the area of Reading, our class has continued to explore many types of literature, and have maintained a focus on non-fiction texts. Through our practice in non-fiction texts, students have learned about ocean tides, insect-infused ice cream, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and much more!

Looking ahead:

Monday – NO SCHOOL (1/20)

Tuesday – Health Screenings (Height, weight, vision, hearing, Scoliosis screenings)

Wednesday – Phys. Ed. (Wear sneakers)

Friday – Early dismissal

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