End of year “showcase” video

“Everyone has been working so hard and we would love to see what else you’ve been doing at home. We are planning to create a video by grade level and have students showcase themselves however they would like to be showcased.  So, your child could share a video or picture of themselves with their sheep, their new hens, or the cool science video they created for an assignment! This will also allow kids to see their peers across the entire grade level and will be a great way to end the year with a final farewell! Please email photos or videos to your grade level point person by Friday May 15. Thank you for your support!”

Point person(s) for each grade level:

K- Send to your child’s respective teacher

1- Send to your child’s respective teacher

2- Mrs. Mader → Beth.mader@pennmanor.net

3- Mrs. Treier → Johanna.treier@pennmanor.net

4- Send to your child’s respective teacher

5- Mrs. O’Donnell → Emily.odonnell@pennmanor.net 

6- Mr. Kersic → Matthew.kersic@pennmanor.net 

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